31 Oct

Oh, what an absolutely fantastic weekend. We had a Halloween party at Berry Patch on Friday. Eli was a bit overwhelmed by all of the people at first so we had to sit outside a few minutes so he could adjust–he gets really spooked when he’s going in a place and all of the sudden the attention is on him. After a few minutes of crying, he was fine although he hung back for quite a while before he ditched me and got into things.

We originally planned to go to Remlinger Farm on Saturday for his birthday. We went last year and had a blast so we thought it would be a good birthday outing for him. Things were getting sort of stacked schedule wise so we decided to play his birthday more low key and go on Sunday instead. I was a bit worried about what the weather would do since Saturday turned out to be a bit sunny. Eli made out pretty good on his birthday–an Emily engine, a stomp rocket, a box of Gears, some stickers and glow in the dark stars to decorate the ceiling in his room. It was so fun watching him open his presents. He gets the idea now and his cries of delight when he rips the paper off to see what’s underneath is almost too much joy to handle!

We spent most of the day outside playing with his new soccer ball (oh yeah, that too) and his stomp rocket. He helped me make cupcakes and he got guacamole for dinner (his request) and also some chicken enchiladas since the rest of us could use a little more than a big bowl of guac. He also ate those and declared his lover for guac and enchiladas. We finished the night with a viewing of his latest favorite movie, Mary Poppins.

We went to the farm (the “barm” as Eli calls it) the next day and it was just deserted. Last time, we had to park in a field about 1/4 mile from the actual entrance. The weather was a bit chilly and overcast but there were maybe 40 cars there when we got there? Last time it was shoulder to shoulder sardine time walking around the park. This time, no lines. Straight onto anything you wanted to ride. IT WAS AWESOME. He rode ponies, the train, and all of the rides with no waiting. Last year, we never even made it to the part that had all of the rides because it was so packed we were in lines a good part of the time–we never even realized there WERE rides. They had a toddler sized carousel, ferris wheel, two spinner rides, a whirlygig, and even a roller coaster! The faster rides were also adult friendly and Eli really loved the roller coaster (for a pint sized version, it was actually pretty fun) and we rode that one twice.

They had two huge bounce houses–one for kids five and under and one for six and over. Since the park was pretty empty, there wasn’t anybody on the bounce houses at all and the three of us had the big one to ourselves for a long time! It was so great! Eli really liked riding the pony and said it was his favorite part of the day. I thought he would freak once he was on it–he tends to get really excited about dogs but then gets very nervous around them. He walked straight up to the pony and once we put him on it, he was fine. He had that sort of reserved, somewhat apprehensive expression he gets when he’s sort of feeling things out and he held that expression for most of the ride although you could tell he really liked it.

He threw a pretty royal screaming fit once we had to go but part of that was just that it was that much fun. It was well past his nap time and we couldn’t really get him to stop and eat AT ALL when we were at the farm so all of the hungry and tired hit him at once along with general fury over being forced to leave the super fun farm. He screamed for about 5 or 6 minutes in the car and then calmed down. We stopped and ate lunch before driving back (about 40 minute drive) and before he fell asleep he said, “We had a really fun day today, Mommy and Daddy”. Then Andy and I literally passed out from the sweetness. So awesome.

I’ve been on a bit of a watching what I eat kick so when we stopped for lunch I opted for a salad instead of fries with my sandwich. I felt fine most of the evening but around 8, started to feel a little squeamish. Around 9 it was clear that something was wrong. Andy and I split most of our food yesterday except for that salad so we figure that was the culprit. That salad haunted me until around 5 PM today and I stayed home from work. Not the best way to end such a great weekend but what are you going to do? I’m just glad to be feeling better.

Andy is on nights this week so I took Eli trick or treating tonight. I wondered how it would go–he obviously gets it more than he did last year but he’s also shy around new people and not that into the whole costume thing so I thought it might not go well. Oh, little did I know. He asked for my escort for the first house and once his “If I say this I get candy” suspicions were confirmed, he wanted nothing to do with me other than show him the next house that had a light on. I received several stern instructions to “Stay back there, Mommy! I will do it myself!” and he went on up to each house like a little pro. He might have gotten a little mixed up with saying “Happy Halloween!” when he meant “Trick or treat!” and there might have been a few times when instead of saying “Thank you!” he said, “Now I’m going to go to the next house!” (okay, he actually did that a lot) but everyone seemed really sweet and understanding and man, he was pretty cute in his dinosaur costume.

He got a pretty good haul. We came home after about an hour–he actually asked to come home because he was tired. We went through his candy and I let him pick three things to eat tonight and the rest he can have a little each day. He picked Dots, Junior Mints, and a Reese’s. He ate one dot, declared it “good”, but didn’t touch the others. He ate two Junior Mints and had no opinion. He wouldn’t even taste the Reese’s (again, peanut butter). He ate about 2/3 of the sucker and said he was done and didn’t ask for any more candy. What a good kid! Next year he’ll probably try to eat a ton of it.

Time to eat some dinner and settle down for sleep. Still have to work tomorrow! There are some videos up, I will link those tomorrow.


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