12 Nov

I’m really sorry for the lack of updates, pictures, videos, etc. We finally bought a new hard drive so I should be able to take more pictures soon. Our camera is full so I’ve been having to delete pictures (after I uploaded the good ones to flickr, of course) in order to take more. I’m hoping a complete reinstall of my OS will make my laptop a little more friendly and not so prone to freezing every 2 minutes. I also hope to get a keyboard dock for the iPad soon because I really use this 99% of the time now and it doesn’t really lend itself to the long, rambling, stream of consciousness entries to which you have grown accustomed.

It’s backing up my laptop now and it’s taking hours. Then i have to dump my camera and back that up, then do the updates on my phone and iPad and back THAT up. I’m hoping to be back to speed by Monday.


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