Gearing up for Christmas

4 Dec

We put the tree up last weekend along with other decorations. We were going to do outside lights but that’s become a bit of an issue because we don’t have the right shingle clips and it seems that Andy has some strong feelings about how Christmas lights should look. We have to order them so we’ll do the outside stuff next year.

Miracle of miracles, I’ve managed to get almost all of my shopping done and I’ve started wrapping a few things for under the tree. I hadn’t gotten anything yet for Eli because he’s pretty much always with me. I wrapped a few gifts for Andy and one for Will yesterday. Eli was all dejected over his lack of gifts and asked in his most pitiful voice, “Mommy, do I get any presents?” As luck would have it, I got out for a bit without him today and picked up a few things and wrapped them during his nap. He noticed the extra gifts pretty quickly once he got up and asked whose they were. I told him they were his and his eyes lit up. He turned to hug me and said, “I love you getting me presents.”

Typing this on the iPad with one finger is slow. It’s also time for Eli to go to bed (although we are watching “Its the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown” because we are holiday confused). I’m refinishing Andy’s dresser and once Eli is down I have to attack it with a putty knife since the stripper has been on it a bit. Hopefully it won’t take too long to do!


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