Video catch up and etc

6 Dec

Posting from work since my computer here works a little bit better than the one at home. I have several videos to upload but can’t post them to YouTube from work. These are what I already had posted to YouTube but hadn’t yet posted here.

Everything is going well. We got Eli an actual big boy (twin) sized bed two weeks ago and he’s done really well with it. He’s very proud of it and told everyone at daycare about it. He’s also pretty into the whole idea of Christmas this year and is getting pretty excited about it. We succumbed to the whole Elf on the Shelf craze. Although I maintain that the elf is creepy, Eli seems to dig it. The idea is that there’s this elf who basically acts as Santa’s spy. He lives at your house and observes the kid for naughty/nice behavior then each night magically flies (or something) to the North Pole to give Santa the report. The fun part is that the elf is never in the same place when he comes back. I think this is mostly the fun part for the parents because we spend WAY too much time trying to figure out clever elf placement. Eli is always amused at the elf placement–yesterday, Andy had posed the elf on the table with an empty cereal bar wrapper on a plate in front of him. At first, Eli thought the elf had gotten him one of his cereal bars for his breakfast but then realized the elf ATE one of his cereal bars–“I do not like him eating my cereal bars, Mommy!” Eli was annoyed but it was pretty funny. Today the elf is on the extended ladder of Eli’s fire truck, working on straightening up the ornaments on the tree.

There’s not a lot to report–Eli can talk to you now pretty much as normally as anyone else although his speech is usually a lot cuter than most people. He says the “t” sound instead of a hard “c” so you have to keep that in mind. He’s got the letters and sounds totally down and we’re working on putting sounds together to make words. He loves reading to himself and I’ll be happy when he’s got some actual reading down because wow, I am really tired of Go Dog, Go! Most of the time he loves being helpful and he’s pretty good at setting the dinner table and takes great pride in it. I’m trying to remember to encourage him to do more things on his own–pick out his clothes, get himself dressed (getting t shirts off is a bit of a problem), that sort of thing. Berry Patch continues to be great–they recently started a yoga class for the kids on Mondays! Eli does better if there’s a good bit of physical activity during the day–he doesn’t really handle being inside all day long very well, even if there are a lot of activities.

He’s more resistant to naps than he’s ever been. He skips probably 2 naps a week and that’s a big improvement over a month ago when he wasn’t napping for days at a time. We’ve tried putting him to bed early but that doesn’t seem to do a lot as he’ll just play in bed until he normally would go to sleep. So now I get up early (GREAT) in order to wake him up early and he seems to be more tired by naptime and more likely to at least take a short nap at Berry Patch. At home he’ll nap his usual amount but it’s quieter here, there are less distractions, and he still won’t actually fall asleep until 2 or so, even when we put him to bed at 1 and he’s exhausted. I have no idea how to get him back on schedule but I’ve decided not to sweat it.

No big races for me anytime soon, I just haven’t been getting around to it. I’m running three or four times a week at home and doing at least 3 miles each time so I’m staying in the habit. I’ve started watching Nova episodes on Hulu on my iPad while I run and it makes for a pretty enjoyable run! Maybe I will look for a shorter race in January, a 5 or 7 miler. We’ll see. Andy’s fencing every Thursday night at our local community center with a fencing club and he’s really enjoying that even if he is discovering that his knees aren’t in high school anymore! It’s good for all of us to get some exercise.

Here are the videos, I will try to put the rest up at home tonight.

Trick or treating. I really thought I had put this up already!

Stomp rocket fun on his 3rd birthday


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