Countdown to Christmas

21 Dec

I did get a Santa picture of Eli this year.  I got the pkg with one 5X7 print and three digital downloads.  The photographer gives you a website with a password and you go there to print your photos or order any number of items with the picture printed on it.   I tried it on my iPad but the site uses Flash–no dice.  Since my laptop is a little rusty, I took the info to work and tried it there.  My work blocks the site entirely–I really don’t understand the reasoning behind which sites they block (Facebook is allowed for instance–how does THAT make sense?).  So I am back at home on my rusty laptop and I pull up the site.  It requires a newer Flash version than what I have so I download that.  Hey, I can’t install it!  My Mac OS is too old of a version, I need 10.6.  Then that puts me back where I was with the whole upgrade issue in that I have to upgrade to Snow Leopard first (another 10.5) before I upgrade to Lion (10.6).  However, my CD drive doesn’t work so I have to find a way to get Snow Leopard on a thumb drive to upgrade to Snow Leopard then I can upgrade to Lion as a digital download. 

I solved this problem by doing nothing other than banging my head against a wall and giving Andy the forms for him to take to his work where they don’t block websites from the employees.  So now it’s up to him. 

Eli did great with Santa.  He was all gung-ho in the line but as soon as it was his turn, he got shy.  We let two other people go ahead of us before I told him that he was either going next or we were leaving and once I pulled him about halfway to Santa he decided to man up and sit on his lap.  He looks a bit cautious in the picture although he was smiling–it’s a very nervous smile.  He told Santa what he wanted for Christmas–no trains, no soccer balls, not for my boy.  He wants a KITCHEN.  With lots of cabinets and black countertops.  Perhaps I watch too much HGTV around him?  Santa’s face was pretty funny, I wonder if he thought we were homeless and the poor child was just wishing for a kitchen with food in it.  I think it’s good that he realizes the importance of storage and counter space now because he’ll make smarter housing choices in the future! 

The nap issue (knock on wood) seems to have settled down.  Getting him up by 6:30 every morning seems to have solved most of the problem and most days he is back to taking good, long naps.  He’s been pretty agreeable and fun the last few weeks–no big meltdowns or periods of preschooler willfulness for no point, just mostly in a good mood.  We’re going on almost a week of no accidents and all the poop in the potty although he’s still in pull ups for naps and overnight.  His naps are dry since he goes right before he gets in bed so we’ll probably phase him into underwear for that soon.  Nights will take longer and that seems about par for the course. 

I am off next week and I am happy about that!  Work has been kicking my butt lately.  Various budget shenanigans have resulted in a pretty crazy high caseload–I think I’m in the high 80s, low 90s now?  I got 6 clients in the last two days.  I can’t really keep anyone straight anymore and it’s getting pretty frustrating and exhausting.  Tim, Jocelyn, Erin and Nathan will be here for three or four days next week and we are all excited about that.  We are doing a post-Christmas Christmas dinner on Monday since for all intents and purposes, that’s our Christmas since Andy works on Sunday.  Several people are coming over to eat and it’s nice to finally have room to host holiday meals, it should be good!

Obviously, we’ve been watching a lot of LSU football:

Sometimes (rarely these days) I will let Eli use my phone to entertain himself while he is on the potty.  Lately when I do that I end up with about 25 seven second clips of this nature:



One Response to “Countdown to Christmas”

  1. Lolli December 22, 2011 at 7:00 am #

    That’s funny about the kitchen. Is he getting one?

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