10 Jan

This video just really sums up what he does when he’s really digging something but is also a bit unsure of what to think.  He just sort of sits, paralyzed with an odd expression.  He’s done it since he was a baby.

Tim, Jocelyn, Erin and Nathan came to visit and we put Erin to work reading Eli some of his nightly books.

10 days in 2012 and things are going swimmingly.  Nothing but pretty boring day to day news to report.  Things are going well at Berry Patch and we’ve pretty much decided to keep him there until he starts kindergarten.  I was having trouble discerning the difference between that and preschool since it seems like what they do is the description of every preschool I’ve seen (except preschool hours are a JOKE–how do these people have jobs?)  So it’s nice to have put that to rest.

I’m running every 2 or 3 days and I’m doing about 2.5-3 miles and then about 20 minutes of weights per workout.  It’s nothing crazy but it’s a good workout and it’s comfortable and keeps me (relatively) sane because work is just crazy crazy stressful right now.  I thought that with all of the budget cuts that 90-100 clients wouldn’t really be THAT much different than 70 to 80 but you know what?  It’s a lot different.  It’s also the first of the year, a time that is hard for everyone with the holidays just passed and the sun is rarely out and it’s gloomy.  I’m hoping things calm down soon because I can’t take too much more if it continues on like the last two weeks!

Eli decided he wanted a camera of his own so I told him if he kept his room picked up and got himself dressed in the mornings and ready for bed every day for a week that I’d get him one.  He held up his end of the deal with nary a complaint (I think there were only two reminders). I ordered it for him and it finally came in today.  He’s had to keep doing his part of the deal to actually get it even though it’s been longer than a week since I was really just trying to get him into that habit.  He still has trouble taking shirts off, he just can’t seem to figure out how to get his arms out of shirts, especially if they fit well.  He’s having fun taking pictures of pretty much everything (I think he has about 40 pictures of the floor and our feet).  It’s a cool little camera, very durable and kid-proof.  It’s not the best picture but it’s a digital and will also do video (!) and has a few games on it.

Andy fenced in a tournament on Friday night and didn’t last long but had a good time nontheless.  He’s talking about taking Eli to Portland for a night this weekend so they can go to a national fencing tournament there.  He’s really working hard to get Eli into fencing.  He and Andy “play” with the foam swords quite a bit.  A few weeks ago, Eli and I watched a movie that had some kind of sword fighting in it.  Eli watched for a minute then pointed and yelled “But they’re not doing anything but just blocking!”  I told Andy about that when he came home from work and I haven’t seen him smile that big in a while!

Well, Eli is in the bathtub and I should get him washed up since we’re coming up on his bedtime.  Everyone have a good week!


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