22 Jan

Andy and I were talking the other day about how odd it is sometimes to be around Eli.  At 3 years old, he’s full of ideas and opinions and he’s often quite well spoken regarding them.  It catches us unaware that he’s just this little PERSON and he says PEOPLE things that MAKE SENSE.  I don’t intend this to sound like we talk to him like a baby all the time but every once in a while he will say something with a particular tone or a certain matter of factness that we double take–did that come from my kid?  

For all of the sense he does make, he doesn’t make any sense quite a lot.  I catch myself slipping into a battle of wills with him a lot–my will that he do what I’m telling him to, his will that I repeat myself 50 times until my head explodes.  That is getting curbed by consistently disciplining him after the first request instead of asking another 49 times until we blow our top but boy, he sure does seem amused when we blow it–all super innocent, “Meeee?  I know we’re late and you’ve asked me 20 times to put my shoes on but LOOK, MOMMY.  SODOR IS HAVING A FIRE AND THOMAS AND BELLE HAVE TO COME PUT IT OUT BECAUSE BELLE IS A FIRE ENGINE AND CAN SHOOT WATER”

It could easily happen over food.  Good example–yesterday I was bored and needed something indoor to do so I asked Eli if he wanted to help make a berry crisp.  He loves helping out in the kitchen, loves sampling whatever we’re making, and stirring things.  He responded “How about you make it yourself and then when you’re done I’ll eat it.”  Obviously I did not endorse this idea and he ended up helping me quite a lot anyway.  We had a bunch of berries that needed to be used up and he happily snacked on stray blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries that were going into the crisp.  He helped me make the crumb topping (sampling the brown sugar, sugar, smelling the cinnamon and ginger).  He “helped” me put it in the oven (moral support from a few feet away) and went and checked on it several times during baking with the oven light.  He remarked, “That smellls yummy!” while it was baking and the house did smell pretty nice.  Can you see where I’m going with this?

Wouldn’t try it.  Acted like it was going to attack him.  Acted like it would be the very last thing he ate and he would DIE if he even so much as licked a TINY TINY speck off his spoon.  I took the bait for about five minutes and was getting pretty annoyed–I mean, COME ON, KID, you sampled EVERYTHING IN IT already but then I caught myself.  He’ll never eat it if I push him and what do I really care if he tries it anyway?  So what if he’s eaten this same dessert countless times?  So I gave up.  Bigger fish to fry.  I offered him some today and he refused it.  Eli-1.  Oh well, more for the rest of us. He’s usually pretty good about trying new food as long as you don’t act too excited or pushy about him trying it.  If you just leave it in front of him and he sees somebody eating it, he’ll try it when nobody is paying attention.  So silly.

We had a snopocalypse this week and I am so happy to go back to work tomorrow.  My work was shut down Wednesday and opened late on Thursday.  Since Eli’s daycare closes if the schools close, I was at work for a grand total of two hours on Tuesday and that’s it for the week.  Eli’s of an age now which is pretty fun and we have tons to do around the house and in the community.  He’s also pretty self-entertaining so I get a lot of downtime.  However, we were trapped at home for the entire perriod.  Also mostly inside since he had a cough and aside from two hours in the morning, he really did not like the idea of getting bundled up to go outside.

We had a great time sledding on our hill and had a lot of snowball fights and built the bottom ball of a snowman (the boys got bored with it).  Andy was scheduled to work through the entire thing so it was just me and Eli and occasionally Will, who worked through some of it but mostly just lives on his computer in his room.  We watched movies, we built lego houses and towers, we painted, we read books, we cooked, we cleaned, we made crafts, we made games that involved running laps around the house, we started to go a little crazy and get a little bit cranky with each other.  All in all it was fun but I think I would prefer Andy home for the next big snow.  Eli is great company but there’s something to be said for having another adult to talk to!

I put a few more pictures up.  I haven’t really been taking many.  Some of that is intentional–I find that at so many things I take Eli to, all of us parents are watching our kid have fun doing X through the camera/iPhone lens.  It started to weird me out.  I’m not really present for whatever is going on because I’m trying so hard to CAPTURE it.  Also, Eli has an uncanny ability to stop doing whatever hilarious thing it is as soon as I get my phone out or get a camera.  I also get the fake smile anytime he sees the camera now, even if I don’t tell him to smile so I think he needs some detox for a bit.  He had a blast on his trip with Andy and talked about it for days.  I don’t think Andy got to see as much fencing as he wanted but he had a good time as well.  We’re going to Oregon for the weekend in March so we can drive Will to his OC practice in Salem and I’m not quite sure what we’ll do yet.  

That’s about it for now.  Andy’s been on nights for the last three nights (worked three days before that) and he’s on two night OT shifts the next two nights.  Then home for Weds and Thurs then 12 hr days Friday-Monday.  I sure will be happy when I get to see him again!

Cute thing-Eli and I usually sit in the chair for an hour or so in the morning while we wake up. He watches cartoons, I play around on my iPad while we have some coffee, milk, etc.  Several times this week he’s snuggled up to me once we’ve sat down and said “I love cuddling with you in the morning, Mommy”. AWWWW. 


One Response to “Stubborn”

  1. Lolli January 23, 2012 at 12:53 pm #

    Darling child of mine. If you say stubborn, look in the mirror. You get that from your father.

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