Teacher Observations for 2011

26 Jan

Play preferences:

Eli continues to love cars, building with any materials, sensory choices (especially playdoh), “adventures”, games (outside motor and board games), music class, and yoga.  He has a wide variety of interests.  He likes to hang out with Sammy, Cash, Denali, and Rosalie.  He’s a very curious guys, and will join any activity a group of peers is excited about.

Peer relationships with children:

He is keen on asking people “What are you doing?” He is agreeable about rules in dramatic play.  He waits for turns pretty easily.  He is an emotional guy and can have trouble navigating problems with peers.  With a little coaching he’s able to find a solution and express himself.  This will be a big part of the next year of life.  He seeks out his friends’ attention frequently.

Relationship with teachers:

Eli continues to have a positive relationship with N & V.  So far, he really digs Sara (she’s a new teacher there).  He seems to realize that adults are helpful to him, so he’s most congenial (aside from the summer potty training resentment–we get that all the time).  There seems to be a shift from solely listening to us to negotiating (in a pleasant way–he’s always trying to help us clean, choose activities, set the table, etc.)

Language skills:

Eli has come far in the last year.  He is fond lately of using the past tense (everything happened “yesterday”).  He starts conversations easily, and contributes without hesitation.  He answers questions logically.  He is curious about our schedule and will ask questions to clarify (“Is it clean up time?”)  He will narrate much of what he’s doing.  Abstracting happens often–if play reminds him of something not present, he gives a detailed description.  Over the next year, blended consonants will be worked on: “Smith, spoon, snake”  (Eli doesn’t pronounce the S at the beginning of words most of the time)

Emotional expression:

Eli always participates in the “how are you feeling” exercises in morning circle.  Kelly is teaching the kids breathing exercises in yoga and showing them how to use them to calm themselves.  He’s improving at telling people “That makes me ____” in arguments.  This is a slow and steady area of growth; he’s probably continue to make great strides over the next year.

Fine motor abilities:

Eli still gets in much puzzle play, drawing, building, and painting with a brush in his time here at BP.  Over the next year we’ll keep on the scissors, letter practice, and putting the zipper on his coat by himself (although they report that he is able to work the zipper on the coat Lolli and Pop got him by himself–success!)

Gross motor abilities:

Yoga and music class have been great for the BP and Eli is excited to participate.  He’s no stranger to a dance party but Katy’s class is more structured with its dance moves.  He is very keen on trying new skills, even when unsuccessful at first.  Outside, he is always in a game running around.

Conceptual grasp:

I already mentioned abstracting.  Two-step instructions are consistently under control, he names all colors, separates fantasy and reality, can retell stories, etc.  Over the next year–concept of same/different, three part directions, approach problems with a “best” solution idea.

Learning trends and other notes:

Eli is a sponge! He is in good spirits much of his time at the BP and this contributes positively to his learning experience. He likes to “do” learning–that is, any experiential activities or repeatable activities are positive experiences.  He loves contributing either with ideas or by helping set up activities.


One Response to “Teacher Observations for 2011”

  1. Sue January 26, 2012 at 1:05 pm #

    His development is impressive. Clearly he is learning and growing and becoming all he can be.

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