12 Mar

We’re not quite advanced enough to actually be preparing for the new baby but rather we’re preparing in the sense that we have suddenly felt ALL SORTS OF URGENCY to get a lot of house projects done that we’ve been procrastinating on for the last year or so.  We’re finally almost done refinishing Andy’s dresser, I’m almost done repainting an old end table that has been repurposed as a nightstand for Eli’s room (it will match his dresser), then I’ll redo the shelves in his room to match.  I had started the shelves a good two years ago but hadn’t put a seal on them so what little I had done was invariably chipped and scratched by books, toys, etc.  I need to repaint them entirely and seal them this time so they won’t look beat up after about 30 seconds in his room.  We also need to repaint the crib for new kiddo but we have to decide on bedding first.

Last week Andy repainted the bathroom upstairs.  Our landlords (? maybe it was them) painted it this awful beige color that didn’t go with the yellow/gray tile AT ALL and they also didn’t paint it with bathroom paint–all of the paint was cracking and peeling from the moisture.  Andy had three days off in a row from work and he went to town and completely repainted it and it looks great!  In retrospect, the white we chose is TOO white and makes the yellow tile look a little dingy so we’re going to go get a small jar of a softer white and just do one more coat over it to tone it down a bit and then we’ll call it done.  The rest is tiny stuff–redo some seals on doors, install some door alarms, etc.

I figure it will probably be a few months still before we do anything about making an official baby’s room.  Since Eli didn’t even have a room until he was about four and a half months old, I’m not in too much of a rush since this kid will be camping out with us for the first few months anyway.  Also, a lot of depends on Will–is he going to college?  Will he be in a dorm and therefore his room will be freed up?  Will he ever come out of his room?  So we don’t really know how the space issue is going to play out at present.  We do plan to keep Eli in the same room–I don’t like the idea of the mobile kid being downstairs and I certainly don’t want Eli to feel like he’s being ousted from his space.  We’re both reluctant to give up the guest room so I imagine this is a decision we will figure out as we go along.

We told Eli he was going to be a big brother last Wednesday.  Our good friends are also pregnant–about three weeks from delivery and Eli and I have talked a lot about their baby.  Once I told Eli that we were going to have a baby, he seemed to think we would be getting OUR baby by stealing THEIRS.  “I do not think we should take Tante and Kristen’s baby, that is their baby.”  We had a chat about how this baby would be ours and theirs would be a totally different baby.  Then he liked the idea of a baby but said that the baby would have to get his own house.  Another chat.  Then he just seemed to be pretty happy about it, especially once we presented it as he would be the all knowing big brother.  He really liked that.  We had the 20 week ultrasound the next morning and told him we were going to see pictures of the baby and that he was coming along.

The next morning, he woke up and told Andy, “I had a dream that we went to the doctor and saw a picture of the baby in Mommy’s belly.  It was an AWESOME dream!”  He was great at the ultrasound and declared the baby to be “so cute” and watched for about a minute then decided puzzles on my phone were more interesting.  Since then, he points out babies on TV “those are babies like the baby we will have!”  and he also asks if he can kiss my belly and give the baby a hug.  It’s almost TOO MUCH CUTENESS.  About a week before we told him, out of nowhere he declared he wanted “a baby and I will call him Zap”  so needless to say, this kid gets referred to as Zap pretty much all the time now and I have a feeling it will probably stick.

Physically, things are fine.  Running probably two miles at a time now and doing about 30-45 min of strength two or three times a week.  No significant aches or pains to speak of, I’ll have some hip achiness here or there but nothing is constant and it’s usually only a few hours or a day at the most.  I’m still sleeping great even though I’m already at the point that lying on my stomach or flat on my back is uncomfortable.  I can still carry Eli around without a problem at this point and the back pain I was getting from hauling him around doesn’t seem to be an issue.  Granted, I really don’t carry him around much anymore, mostly just pick him up for hugs or to carry him to his room for bed if he’s being sweet, etc but I’m feeling pretty good.

Andy had another fencing tournament this weekend and had fun.  Eli and I went for a while and watched a few bouts, then left to go to his buddy’s birthday party, then went back and picked Andy up.  He’s been working a lot of overtime in order for us to save up for my year of unemployment so I’m glad he’s getting some fun stuff in as well.  Will is playing in the pit for the 5th Avenue Theatre production of Oklahoma this weekend and he seems excited about it.  Admittedly, with his weird work schedule we don’t really see him that often.


One Response to “Preparations”

  1. Sue March 12, 2012 at 4:15 pm #

    Ah, yes. Nesting! It always happened to me too.

    Exciting times.

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