Video catch up!

9 Apr

Oh, this blog, this blog. .  I think that I just updated it and then I check and it’s been three weeks.  The iPad has definitely killed my blogging tendencies since I can mostly surf from my comfy recliner.  The new keyboard hasn’t helped as much as I thought–sometimes it’s just TOO MUCH WORK to walk to the other room to get it, restart the bluetooth, etc.  I know, I KNOW, it’s horrible.  I could even walk downstairs to the iMac and do it from there!  It’s so far away when it’s 8:30 and Eli is in bed and I officially Don’t Have to Move Anymore.

I do have a ton of pictures to put up since I’ve been remembering to take the camera places–progress!  And I hope to get to those tonight or at the very least, in the next several days.  I’m writing this from work since I’m already in front of a computer. 

In any case, rest assured I’ve been making notes in my phone the last few weeks of things to remember to put in here, it’s just a matter of getting it in here.  I have a lot of videos to catch up on so I’ll get those posted for now, then I’ll try to do a write up tonight or tomorrow, then pictures after that.

 Man skills!  Predicting when the fire will catch is a skill Eli will no doubt need:

The beginning of Monsters, Inc.  This scene cracks him up every time.

Eli sings his greatest hits, “Michael Finnegan”

And Will’s SYSO concert.  Will warming up:

Brahm's overture:



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