26/27 weeks

23 Apr

26 weeks and all is well.  I went to a prenatal yoga class two weeks ago and I won’t be going to prenatal yoga.  It was fine and stretchy and whatnot but booooooring.  Toward the end of class, she instructed us to lie down in comfortable positions, dimmed the lights, turned on some “soothing earthy” (sort of indian-ish twangy nature music) music and LEFT THE ROOM for about 10 minutes then class was over.  I am paying money for this?  So mostly I am just not working out other than what I normally get during the course of a day (I have a lot of stairs at work).  I should walk more on the treadmill but oh well.  I’m not going to beat myself up over it.  I will likely sign up for a half marathon in the spring so I will get back into shape and I really miss running anyway.

Eli watched The Wizard of Oz for the first time last night.  I tried showing it to him 6-9 months ago but he wasn’t really into it.  He’s been watching the Charlie Brown DVDs we have and there’s an ad for TWOZ at the beginning, the part that shows the green Wizard head doing the “I AM OZ!  THE GREAT AND POWERFUL!” bit and so he’s been asking to watch it since.  He really enjoyed it last night and was more afraid of the mean old lady on the bike rather than the witch and flying monkeys.  His face was pretty awesome during the scene where Dorothy opens her house door to Oz for the first time. 

Now it’s a week later and 27 weeks.  All is still well although boy, I overdid it a bit this weekend.  Lots of getting the house in order–we got the basement den area organized for the computer and associated desk/computery needs as well as a chair delivered and a reading nook set up for the William Massey Kid Free Zone.  That required one long trip to IKEA, lots of power tools, and lots of moving things about and let’s be honest, I never wait for Andy to do all the moving of things and I do as much as I can on my own.  Which is great really but then in my 27 week state leaves me pretty tired and achy.  Oh well, I feel fine today so Saturday didn’t do me in too badly.  

The weather was WONDERFUL this weekend (sunny and 73!) so we also spent a lot of time at Carkeek Park.  Andy was off work so we loaded up a picnic, our kite, and beach supplies and it was so nice to be warm and in the sun!  Eli and I got a little pink but it’s good for us and already mostly faded today.  It’s nice today as well then tomorrow gets rainy again. It will still stay in the 60s for the foreseeable future so I’m not complaining!  It’s just nice not to be cold.

Eli’s first swimming lesson was Friday and he did great.  We went to the Mountlake Terrace Pool for the lesson, it’s a really fabulous pool.  The lesson was 30 mins long and for small kids who aren’t really familiar with the water so it’s just getting used to being in the water, blowing bubbles, learning to float, that sort of thing.  I wondered if he would be hesitant to get in by himself or how quickly he would warm up to the teacher/other kids (there were three others in his group) but as usual, he surprised me and was fearless.  He went right in the water, participated like a champ and really seemed to be enjoying himself.  The pool has a huge area for small kids and after the lesson the kids get to play in that area for about 20 minutes so he was nice and tired out afterward.  We went to the toy store and he got to pick out a coloring book for his bravery. 

 There’s a new kid at BP, we’ll call him O and O is just past two and in a bit of a hitting phase.  A few weeks ago Eli was complaining when I picked him up that O had hit and shoved him so we talked about little kids not having enough words and sometimes that’s a phase they go through.  I reminded him that he used to do the same thing but now that he’s big he can say when he’s angry.  I asked him to be patient with O and teach him how to respond by not hitting him and reminding him to use his words.  The next day Eli climbed into his car seat and let out a big sigh.  I asked what was wrong and he replied “O hit me again because he is still in that hitting phase, I hope he gets out of it soon”.  Such understanding at three years old 🙂

BP reported Eli is very into saying things lately to see what sort of reaction he gets out of people and it’s often just sort of fantasy, nonsensical statements but then he’ll also fib about things to see what will happen.  He does this quite a bit at home, particularly when it comes to washing his hands after using the bathroom.  I ask to feel his hands when he says he did wash them (and I have not heard any sink running after the flush) and there’s no way water came anywhere near him.  I usually try not to react but just send him back in there to take care of it.  He’ll often say weird stuff just to see what I’ll do.  While waiting for his swim lesson to start, I sat down on the bench next to the pool.  He sat on it but made a big point of scooting down a few feet away from me.  I asked if he wanted to sit next to me and he said, “No, I don’t want to sit next to you because you hit me all the time.”  I pointed out that I most certainly DO NOT hit him all the time (but thinking to myself maybe I should start if I’m going to get blamed for it!) and that he could sit down there if he liked.  He stated again “You hit me all the time so I’m going to sit down here.”  I told him I didn’t appreciate him fibbing like that but he was welcome to sit there.  Punk!  The weird part is that we were totally fine before that happened, all talking about swimming and his exciting lesson. 

He can be pretty moody lately–all sunshine one second then collapsing into a whiny fit of despair the next.  There’s not much telling what brings on the frustration and whininess other than it seems to happen for a few days at a time.  He does well for weeks then we’ll get a three or four day stint of whiny, “I want you to do it!” (put his arms in his sleeves for him was the Whine of Choice this morning), fit throwing behavior.  He is generally smart enough to knock that mess off when we are in public but it was bad enough over the weekend that we escorted him out of two restaurants and had him sit on the curb in time out until he declared “I am done making a fuss and want to go eat my food” and then he was fine after that.  He seems as unclear as to why he throws a fit most of the time as well so we try not to make a huge deal out of it and roll with it. 

As much as we love the BP, we’ve been touring preschools for him.  At BP there are two groups of kids–those Eli’s age and up (and the closest in age to him in the older set is 8 months older) and those 8 months younger than Eli and down.  He tends to hang with the older group and they’re all his best buddies.  Well, all those kids are well past four now and I found out a few months ago that they were ALL leaving to go to preschools this fall.  Eli refers to the younger set as the “babies”.  So his four best buddies will be going and we thought it might be a good time for him to move to a larger setting anyway in preparation for kindergarten.  He’ll have the opportunity to (1) get used to being around more kids than the usual 6-8 at BP which will more closely resemble his experience in kindergarten (easier transition to the small fish in a big pond) and (2) he’ll also have the opportunity to have a LOT of interaction with kids his own age instead of having to deal with a wide range.  He misses the cutoff for a Fall 2013 kindergarten start so will likely start kindergarten when he is just shy of 6.  Most of the preschools are already full for Fall 2012 but he is on waitlists (3 so far and we tour another this Thursday). 

I am hoping one in particular comes open and we might have a shot at it this year.  We had originally toured it as a daycare for Eli but they are very popular and have a HUGE waitlist for daycare and we ended up finding BP instead.  The BP owners actually left work there to start BP and the daily routines are almost IDENTICAL, down to vegetarian diets, etc.  So talk about an easy transition and expectations!   They have a Challenge for 5 group specifically for the kids with late birthdays so that “extra” year that they are in preschool basically waiting to start kindergarten is spent in more academically challenging tasks instead of the kids just spending another year in preschool spinning their wheels (this sounds a lot more rigorous than it is–it’s still basically all just fun and painting and whatnot).  The other upside of this particular school is that they still offer daycare starting at 1 year old and siblings have preference so we’d be able to put Zap there when I go back to work (he is already on the waitlist for one year old daycare).  It’d be nice to only have one preschool/daycare!  At that point, we’d just keep Zap there for the whole time instead of switching to the BP at 2 years old because then we would just likely need to switch BACK for preschool and that makes no sense. 

If I haven’t mentioned it before, the baby is called Zap.  Still no progress on a name…we haven’t even talked about it much.  I have a feeling he’s going to be called Zap for some time since we have all latched on to it pretty well.

Whew!  That’s all for now!  New pictures were up last week!


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