29 weeks

9 May

A good thing about this pregnancy is that for the time being it’s made thinking of blog post titles easier.  I’m going to miss that. So 11 weeks to go!  This week Zap is the size of a butternut squash.  He’s been pretty active this week although he’s still not quite big enough to really disrupt my sleep so I’ll enjoy this time while I can.  I had my one hour glucose test last Friday (no news is good news, I figure).  They scheduled the rest of my OB appointments so I’m in there every two weeks for the next 6 weeks then weekly.  They asked about Eli’s due date and when I told them he was almost 2 weeks late they went ahead and scheduled appointments for me well into August (due 7/24). 

Eli’s doing a pretty bang up job of disrupting my sleep lately.  Andy’s been on nights and Eli has gotten into the habit of sneaking into my room at some point in the middle of the night.  Since he’s had a cough and hasn’t been sleeping well, I’ve not been so strict re: making him sleep in his own bed.  The other night, he came in my room about 11:30 complaining that he could not sleep in his room.  I let him get in bed since Andy was working–we have a king sized bed so I thought there was plenty of room. 

How a three foot tall person can take up virtually an ENTIRE king size bed is beyond me.  He was pretty much glued to me all night long and had a particular talent for putting his bony elbow in my back.  He actually started out on my side of the bed and I was sort of in the middle/Andy’s side.  By the end of the night he had managed to chase me clear off Andy’s side and I got up and went BACK to my side at which time he then started inching me off that! 

The next night, he was in my room about 30 min after he went down complaining he couldn’t sleep in his bed but he was turned down.  He was up at midnight and 3 AM, once because he dropped Ted on the floor and couldn’t find him and the other because he had a nightmare.  Then at 5 AM he came in my room again and I was just too tired to go through the process of kicking him out.  Last night, he tried to come in about 12:30 AM but I put him back in bed and noticed his sound machine was off.  I turned that on and got the first 4-5 hour stretch of sleep out of him (and me) in several days.  I woke up at 5 this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep which is just as well because sure enough, at 5:45 he comes right back in my room and crawls in bed.  Yeesh.

The really sweet thing about all this is that whenever he comes to get in bed with you he brings his teddy bear and he always brings a stuffed “buddy” for me, too.  This morning since Andy was in bed as well he brought one for him. 

I got all the baby stuff out of the garage and we’re doing pretty well with what we have.  We do need some new stuff, a lot of the footed sleepers for Eli were meant for winter and so they’re fleece instead of plain cotton which likely will not work for a late July/August newborn.  I’ve already started ordering boxes of diapers to have on hand, wipes, etc.  This kid will do the same 4ish month stint in our room and then he will share a room with Eli until Will’s room opens up.  At first we thought we’d do something with the guest room but we both want to preserve the guest room. I’m not too crazy about either of the little kids being downstairs so figuring Will will likely be here another 2 or so years, at that point Eli can move downstairs since he’ll be a big six year old.  I will probably be more comfortable with it then or they can just continue to share a room as long as they’d like.  Most of Eli’s toys/train table will go to the downstairs living area and that will just be an office/playroom for the time being.  None of this will be set up for months, certainly not until after my parents leave, preserving the William Massey Child Free Zone of course 😉

No real progress on the name front.  Will has two band camps this month and then he moves to Oregon in June and will be gone most of the summer.  At this point he plans to reapply to Cornish and see what kind of scholarships he gets.  If it’s not as much as he likes (not sure what he has in mind), he plans to go to the community college and eventually transfer to UW.  I don’t know what he plans to do about his job but I know he’s quitting for the summer, his boss has left open the potential to come back part time once he is back in Seattle. 

Cute videos:

Three little monkeys (rhyme from Berry Patch):

Jamming out to some Old McDonald on his microphone:


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