33 weeks

7 Jun

33 weeks and all is well. To be honest, all is pretty cranky and whiny from poor sleep and various aches and pains. I don’t really know why I am having a harder time this go around than I did with Eli but I’m just a lot more uncomfortable. It’d be fine if I was uncomfortable/sleeping decently or sleeping okay/not hurting but the combination of the two is just rough. I can only take Tylenol PM twice a week and I seem to get a decent stretch (4-5 hrs) of sleep if I take that and I can also fall asleep easier despite all the bathroom trips so I try to save that for Sunday and Thursday nights when the accumulated sleep deprivation starts to really get to me (and also get to Andy who has the unfortunate situation of having to deal with me). Oh well. Seven more weeks (hopefully)! Surely I can get through seven more weeks.

Baby prep continues. I’ve got the clothes sorted, appropriate sizes washed, dresser drawers emptied and restocked with all manner of tiny, cute hand me downs. New stroller has been purchased and approved by Eli. It’s one that has a sit or stand option in back for a big kid so Eli can get off his feet if he needs to without us having to purchase a full on double stroller. Debate over sleeping arrangements in our room continues with the pack n play “Can we somehow make it fit in here?” vs. purchasing a mini crib/co sleeper something or other for our room. Eli is enrolled for a sibling preparation class. We were supposed to do it this past Sunday but I put it in my calendar with the wrong time and we got there as it was ending! I was so upset. The instructor was nice enough to give us a 15 minute rundown of the class–just enough to make me decide to pay for it again and take it when it’s offered at the end of the month. I think Eli would get a lot out of it.

Will is done with work for the summer–he leaves on his trip for Oregon in the next week or two and then goes on tour shortly after that. He doesn’t come back until the first or second week in August. At that point he’ll go back to work on a part-time basis and I assume he will be in school as well although he has not let us in on that part of his plans yet.

Eli is officially in superhero mode. He is all about SPIDERMAN AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS! I heard that most boys go through a superhero phase and I was wondering when it would start but I didn’t expect it to start quite so suddenly. It’s as if he went to bed just normal Eli and woke up the next morning as SPIDERMAN AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS! I found some old Spiderman cartoons from my day on the Netflix streaming so he’s been watching those nonstop. Just like he sang the Wonderpets song nonstop he also will announce the intro to Spiderman: “SPIDERMAN HAS A-MAZING FRIENDS! WITH ICEMAN! AND FIRESTAR!” then he just starts tearing all over the house and mostly resembles The Hulk by smashing everything in his path much moreso than Spiderman or his amazing friends. He wants some Spiderman pajamas to wear to the next BP Parents Night Out on the 30th. If I get around to it, I’ll try to find him some but I’m not holding my breath.

He said the other day he wanted to be a bad guy when he grew up. Of course I responded that he didn’t REALLY want to be a bad guy, did he? Isn’t it more fun to be sweet and nice to your friends? He wasn’t buying it. “I want to be a bad guy because they shoot darts at people and I want to do that.” Lolli and Pop, consider yourselves warned. Apparently it’s a pretty common desire at this age–bad guys get to do cool stuff and they’re in control which is something 3 year olds don’t have a lot of so I decided to stop trying to talk him out of it and instead just remind him that bad guys will still go in time out for hitting so WATCH IT.

He’s had a rough patch lately, all tantrums and challenging behaviors. If something upsets him, it doesn’t just make him frustrated, he almost instantly goes into hysterics and loses his mind. It’s hard to know what to do because he’s never been so on the edge before. We try reminding him to take some deep breaths, we try to talk things out with him but most of the time he escalates so stinking fast there’s not much else to do except wait until he calms down and then go from there.

I wrote this three days ago and haven’t had a chance to finish it! Going to go ahead and post–


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