36 weeks

28 Jun

I ended up forgetting to reschedule him for the sibling preparation class.  Oh well, the human race has made it this far without sibling preparation so Eli will just be old school.  We’re getting closer to D-Day and Eli still seems pretty excited about the whole little brother idea despite the fact he’s had a taste of what it will actually (sort of) be like!  We’ve babysat June’s daughter, Jordan, several times now and overall he’s been really helpful.  There were only a few moments of “WHAT HAVE I DONE TO MYSELF?” thinking and those resolved themselves fairly quickly.  I’m sure things will be more tricky once Zap is actually here but things will work out and it’ll all be okay.  And I’ll be able to run again (eventually)!  I am very happy about that.

I’m pretty much done with everything at work and I’m just sort of killing time there.  I’m not working full days and I’ve gotten most of my work done so physically it’s a lot easier to be there–particularly since I’m just sitting around most of the time!  It’s nice to have less stress and I can definitely tell I feel better all the way around.  Since my sleep continues to be not so great I’ve been leaving around 1 or 2 each day and taking a nap before I pick up Eli and it’s made a huge difference in how I feel in the evenings.  I think I’m sleeping a little better at night because I’m not so stinking tired as well.  Reminds me of babies–the more they sleep, the better they tend to sleep.  Nice stuff. 

So I am now doing a lot of planning to get cracking once I’m officially off work–Andy and I have a lot of housework to do and I also wanted to prepare a lot of freezer meals so when Zap gets here we’re not totally reliant upon my mom to do all the cooking or living off of delivery menus.  Thank goodness for grocery delivery–I can just get the majority of the groceries delivered to my house for a day of cooking instead of having to shlep bags of food home.  I’m hoping to get this taken care of next weekend in case Zap decides to make an early appearance.  Andy’s off the next two weekends and then works the two after that so it’d be nice to have the to do lists finished by a week from Sunday. 

Everyone seems to be doing well.  I’m doing as well as can be expected.  Lots of Braxton Hicks contractions, some that are downright uncomfortable but otherwise nothing remarkable in baby land of which to speak.  I have an OB appt tomorrow so maybe they will check to see if anything is happening.  I certainly can’t conceive of a child that would come early after Eli was so late.  Andy’s doing well and being very awesome in general–very patient with my various moaning and pitifulness.  He hurt his knee fencing a few weeks back and it seems to be getting worse instead of better.  Yesterday he went to a knee specialist and they diagnosed weak hips/core–just like with running!  Problems in the hips show up lower down for a lot of things, I guess.  So he’s been given a strengthening regimen to follow and that should take care of the problem.  I’m glad it’s nothing serious.  Will left for Oregon a little under two weeks ago and from what we have heard so far (not a lot) he is having fun and enjoying himself.  Eli seems more agreeable in general these days and the run of defiant behavior and meltdowns seems to have largely faded.  It’s still there but it’s not quite as prominent as it was for a while. 

He’s going to be reading ANY second now.  There are some apps for my iPad that teach them phonics and he’s pretty hooked on them.


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