41 weeks

30 Jul

It seems like I’ve been here before.  Sorry for the lack of updating but I got another new keyboard for my iPad and hopefully this will improve my ability to update without having to locate the keyboard since this one doubles as a cover for the iPad.  

As things now stand, Zap is a week overdue.  Since scheduling an induction was pretty much unavoidable at this point, we asked for it to be scheduled the 1st instead of the 8th since my parents’ time here is limited and I wanted to get as much time with help as possible.  Although I tend not to make any “birth plans” because that just seems like inviting disappointment, I was hoping this time I would go into labor on my own since I never did with Eli.  I regretted not getting to do the whole timing of contractions, the “is this it?” bit with Andy, etc so I sort of assumed that this time things would work correctly.  I think regret is a pretty strong word here since it’s not something I ever lost sleep over, I just thought it’d be a neat experience.  For some reason I figured last time was a fluke and with the second things would go differently.  I guess I just don’t know how to go into labor without help because here I am again–41 weeks with minimal progress on my own and no real signs that I will go into labor on my own anytime soon.  Oh well.  If this is the worst problem I have with pregnancy and delivery, I am doing pretty good!  

We check into the hospital at 7 AM Wednesday morning.  Eli’s as prepped for it as we can get and he will go to Berry Patch that day but stay home on Thursday.  He will come visit Wednesday night and then Thursday my parents will bring him to the hospital when it’s time to come home so we can all ride home together, the four of us, for the first time.  He seems to be handling all of this fairly well.  He’s a little more hyper than usual, he’s had two accidents in the last two days which is very unusual for him but it’s along the lines of what I expected so we’re not making a big deal of it.  His schedule’s been a bit off the last week and I suspect despite our best attempts to keep it close to normal it will still go through some changes while we get used to having Zap so we’ll just do the best we can.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about the next few days and how Eli will do with all of it.  I remind myself that I always think Eli will take things much worse than he ever actually has and that it’s MY anxiety I’m putting on to him rather than anything he ever seems to express.  So I’ll just keep reminding myself of that and roll with whatever happens.  He’s a good kid and very excited about being a big brother.

Tonight Andy’s brother Tim, his girlfriend Jocelyn, and little Erin were in town on their way to Long Beach, WA so they came over for dinner.  Erin and Eli had a fabulous time as always and Eli put Erin to work by making her read endless books to him (she also brought him a box of her old puzzles and books which was very well received).  They curled up in his bed and she read him his nighttime stories and it was pretty stinking cute.  Tim and I snuck in there while she was reading to get pictures of them but they pretended not to notice us–sometimes I feel almost like paparazzi with Eli–he’s so used to me taking pictures of him that half the time now he just ignores me.  

Hopefully I will get decent sleep the next two nights.  Tomorrow is mostly a lazy day, we will be getting some last minute house stuff done, a pedicure, I’m going to enjoy my last few meals that I can eat at a leisurely pace–and I plan to do a fair amount of lying around and not moving since I know good and well it’s going to be a while before I can do that again.  I’ll be taking my iPad and new little keyboard case to the hospital with me so I do plan to update as the day goes on as I am able or if I am out of commission, I plan to have Andy update.  I’m sure we will also send out texts and pictures but this is more of a permanent record for me so I want to try to update it as much as I did with Eli so I can remember.

Almost there!  Wish us luck!

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