And so it begins!

1 Aug

We checked into the hospital at 7:10 AM this morning.  Although we were fully prepared for a small room, we managed to get the biggest room in the place!  It’s the same size or larger than the one we had at the last hospital, if that’s even possible!  The first thing I asked is if we might be asked to move at some point because I was going to go ahead and ask for a smaller room to avoid that but they said under no circumstances do they move people so we were here until discharge.  Sweet!  This room has a full sized couch that converts to a bed, a small dining table, a wall of cabinets.  It’s pretty nice. 

They started me on an IV and pitocin a little while ago.  A week ago I was at 1 cm, 60% effaced.  Today I was at 2 cm, 60% effaced so although it makes me “favorable” for induction, I wasn’t really going anywhere on my own.  Now I’ve been on pitocin for about an hour and a half and the contractions are a little stronger but that’s about it.  They are definitely coming more regularly, probably every 10 minutes or so but they don’t hurt.  The nurse keeps commenting that I must have a very high pain threshold which is a nice complement, I suppose.

The nurses seem to think he will be here by the time they have shift change which is at 7 PM tonight.  I seem to be responding better to the pitocin than I did last time, I remember there was no change at all this early in the game and the contractions now are coming pretty regularly and often.  Mostly at this point I am just hoping for a discharge tomorrow and that he doesn’t get too pokey today.  I imagine they will break my water around lunch or sometime soon after to get things moving along a little better.

We’ll keep things updated as we can.


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