Somebody give me a cookie, I made it through another First Month!

28 Aug

Benjamin turns one month old tomorrow.  The days are sometimes long but this month has gone by quickly. I’m happy to be through the first month–I love my babies but the newborn stage is not my most favorite.  To his credit, Ben’s been a relatively smooth addition to the house but I also wonder if that’s just not the life of a child who is not the first–you can really only accommodate additional children SO MUCH because there are still the older ones that need attention.

So Ben is getting into (somewhat) of a routine a LOT earlier than Eli ever did because we’re enforcing one as much as possible to try to keep some sanity in the house as well as a regular schedule.  He’s down every night anywhere between 9 and 11 (we are trying to keep it closer to 9).  He sleeps anywhere from 2.5-4 hours and then up for a bottle.   A quick bottle and a change (he’s eating about 4 oz at a time now) and he’s back down for another 3-4 hour sleep.  Usually he wakes up between 5 and 6 AM to eat again and sometimes he’ll just be wide awake after that bottle but sometimes he’ll need another nap before he gets to an awake period.

Much like Eli, he’s got some periods of alertness in the morning, then spends a good chunk of the day in nap mode.  We usually will bug him into waking up around 6 or 7 in the evening to give him a stretch of awake time so he will go down for the night.  It seems to be working well so far although flexibility is key.  It’s funny that it’s only been just under 4 years since Eli was this size but it’s hard to remember specifics about Eli as a newborn so I’m really glad I have this blog.  Several times I’ve checked it to see what his schedule was like, how much he was eating at this age, etc. and it’s been really useful!

Ben continues to be one mellow kid.  As long as he’s fed and his tummy isn’t bothering him, he’s mostly either asleep or just checking things out.  He’s had a few spit up episodes here and there but nothing major. He seems to be one healthy, healthy kid and I am very thankful for that.  We’ve gotten a few actual pre-smiles out of him but again he saves them up mostly for Andy.  Andy likes newborns as much as they like him and Ben, like Eli, saves most of the big smiles for his daddy.  I’m okay with that since I get all the love when they get bigger!

Andy went back to work over the weekend and with the exception of some raging two night long insomnia, I handled both kids pretty well.  I think I just got myself worked up over the idea of “I have both kids I HAVE to sleep!” so much that I didn’t sleep, pretty much ever.  Ben slept great both nights.  I woke up at midnight the first night and never went back to sleep.  I had the same problem the first two nights Ben was home.  I felt very speedy, like I had taken something that made my heart race and my brain would not shut up.  It was pretty miserable.  Luckily we had a very busy weekend.  If I am really tired, it actually helps to keep moving so the many social obligations we had (three playdates, swim class, a birthday party) helped me from feeling the exhaustion too much.  The second night I probably slept about 3 or 4 hours but not all at once.  Andy took off Monday so I could nap if I didn’t sleep again and I guess mentally the pressure was off me because I slept fine.  It’s frustrating enough to not be able to sleep but even more so when you know that you’re pretty much doing it to yourself!  I am going to start running again tomorrow so I hope that will help.  I also have a doctor appointment tomorrow so hopefully he can give me something for the rare times I have trouble sleeping.  The first night I even took Benadryl at 2 AM and it didn’t do anything.  I tried Benadryl, melatonin, etc and it didn’t help at all.  My anxiety over not sleeping pretty much made it so that I didn’t sleep at all.  Hellooo, self fulfilling prophecy!

Eli starts Small Faces next week and he is off from Berry Patch this week since they are closed for vacation. All of his older friends at BP are also starting their preschools but we all finally started scheduling playdates with one another so I’m not worried that he won’t see them anymore.  Andy happened to already be scheduled off this week so everyone is home!  It’s pretty nice to have all of this time off with Andy, I can already tell it’s going to be about my favorite part of not working–I never get to see him this much when I work since our schedules conflict so much.

So far my not working is fine–the baby and Eli keep me busy enough that I haven’t really had the chance to register that I’m not working but I do worry that I’ll go a little nuts from ALL KIDS ALL THE TIME as time goes on.  If things start to get a little too nutso for me, I figure I’ll volunteer a few hours a week at the food bank in Ballard –that should be easy enough to work around schedules and also probably join a running club.  Luckily, my friends now have kids and several of them are on PT schedules so I actually have people I can spend time with during the week–what a change from Eli’s babyhood!

I asked Andy if he had any mentionables for this entry–“Say that he has a problem with hiccups.  And that part about his neck.  And that I scrubbed his hair off and maybe that’s why his head is flat now.”  Ben is about the most hiccupy baby you’ve ever met.  He got the hiccups a LOT in utero.  Eli did too but Ben has carried on the frequent hiccups now that he’s out.  Ben seems to have a great preference for looking right–like waaay right.  He cranes his head all the way around most of the time and we have to sort of coax him back to looking straight or the other way, it’s like he’s constantly trying to check out what’s behind him.  Andy gave Ben a bath the other day and in his determination to get the dead skin off him, he thinks he scrubbed a little patch of hair off of his head.  He also thinks his head is oddly shaped and comments upon it FREQUENTLY but I really don’t see it.  It looks like normal head-shaped variations to me.

Time to get dinner wrapped up and get this baby down for the night.  Have a great week!


One Response to “Somebody give me a cookie, I made it through another First Month!”

  1. Marcie September 2, 2012 at 7:04 am #

    Sorry to point out the obvious, but I want to make sure…no caffeine or chocolate after noon, right? The description of your insomnia is exactly what happens if I have one iota of caffeine in the evening. Also, kids that do that right side preference thing…(it’s super common…has to do with intrauterine positioning usually)…will get a really flat place on that side of the head. You can try to prevent it by putting him on his left side as much as possible, but good luck. They finagle (sp?) their way back to the right very effectively. I love your blog. It’s cool that you are finding it useful now! Hugs to all of you. I’m looking forward to seeing you in December. M

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