Two month stats

4 Oct

Ben had his two month check up today. The stats:

Height: 24 1/2 in. 95%
Weight: 13 lbs 8.5 oz 90%
Head circumference: 42 3/4 cm 95% (of course)

He got his two month shots as well today and poor little guy has been having some trouble this evening. He slept for several hours immediately after but has had a wee fever and some fussiness this evening. Tylenol seems to have helped a little and he keeps trying to smile at us even though it’s pretty obvious he isn’t feeling well. Here’s hoping he feels better tomorrow.

We voiced our concerns over the flat spot on his head and the ped seemed concerned as well. He said that it was significant enough that it was starting to shift one ear forward some so he is going to refer us to the plagiocephaly clinic at Children’s Hospital for OT and whatever else they recommend. Although his neck does seem better than it was (he doesn’t immediately turn it back to his right if you turn his head and he will even sometimes sleep on the other side on his own), he’s still got a definite preference for that side and his head is definitely showing it. Hopefully they can give us help to avoid having to get the helmet for him at some point but even if it does come to that, it will be fine.

The other concern was that his left eye wasn’t tracking as well as his right and it’s something we will keep an eye on (ha ha) and follow up more at the four month appointment.

Other than that, he is healthy! And cute! And he generally continues to be a most mellow, sweet baby who is very easy to care for and quite charming all the way around. He is a smiley thing in the mornings and Eli loves taking helping to take care of his little brother.

Eli’s 4th birthday is coming up in a few short weeks and we booked him a party at Seattle Gymnastics Academy. They do an indoor playground that we frequent during the winter and Eli LOVES it. I love not having to do a lot to plan a party so we just booked it there. They do all the set up, the kids get the run of the gym for an hour then 45 minutes in a party room and the gym staff provides all the supplies (except food) and they do clean up as well. There’s a bouncy house, a foam pit with a rope swing, trampolines, and all sorts of climbing equipment for the kids. I think it’s a definite win win for our party guests as well because they get some pretty worn out kids right before naptime. Eli is very excited!

The insomnia is still there but it’s getting better. I’m sure things will work themselves out soon so that is good. Some sleep is better than no sleep!


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