Getting back on track

24 Oct

Sorry for the radio silence, everyone. I’m going to be working the next two weeks on getting this blog back on track. I have a lot of videos and pictures to post as well as Eli’s first learning story from his preschool but I’ve fallen behind lately.

Here’s the fast rundown:

Ben has plagiocephaly but they don’t expect him to need a helmet. It’s not definite that he won’t but at this point he is mild-moderate. I’m supposed to keep him off his back as much as possible. That’s really hard when he’s not very fond of the baby bjorn. And he REALLY hates tummy time but he’s getting a lot better at it. Anytime we do tummy time it’ll make him angry for quite a while–this baby holds a grudge!

Ben is a great sleeper like Eli–he goes to sleep by 8:30 and MOST of the time we make it until at least 4 AM before he wakes up. He’s slept until 6 AM a few times (not surprisingly, always when it’s Andy’s turn to wake up with him–Eli did that too!). He’s on 7 ozs of formula about every 3.5-4 hours and we give him his last bottle about 7:30 or so. We don’t wake him up to top him off like we did with Eli since he seems to be pulling long stretches on his own. We haven’t started rice cereal yet.

Ben likes his play gym (but I have to keep him propped on a rolled up towel so he doesn’t lie on the flat spot), his hands, b-b-b-b-b sounds, getting his diaper changed, the swing, and baths. Ben does NOT like his car seat or riding in the car. He is not crazy about the baby bjorn but he’s going to have to get used to it.

He’s been more hungry today and also crabby so I’m going to call it the three month growth spurt. Three months next week! Where does the time go?

Eli is doing well. We had a parent/teacher conference at his new preschool and it seems like he’s fitting in well and easily. She said he is a natural leader and the other kids often look to him for guidance or help with things. He made friends quickly and appears to be quite the little social guy. Obviously, his verbal skills are impressive for a not quite four year old. He talks. Eli talks and talks and talks and talks nonstop! I love it but oh my, sometimes it does get to be a bit exhausting. His imagination is awesome lately and he loves making up stories.

The next week is about as great as it gets for big E–tomorrow they are celebrating his birthday at Berry Patch (I have to go buy cupcakes tonight to drop off tomorrow). On Sunday we have his party at the gymnastics place–I think there are 14 kids coming at this point? And 16 adults? Oh my. I need to get the food all planned out so I can go buy everything tomorrow and Friday to prep on Saturday. I also need to bake his cake Saturday–nothing fancy, just a plain old sheet cake with the requested orange icing with a big purple snake made of out sprinkles. Sunday is the party, Monday is his actual birthday (somehow I feel certain we will end up eating chips and guacamole for dinner) and the little birthday celebration for him at his new school (more cupcakes, sigh), then Tuesday is the Halloween party at Berry Patch and Wednesday is Halloween! I’m exhausted just looking at all of that! But can you imagine how excited he is? It’s pretty stinking cute.

Andy works this weekend but will take Sunday night off. A friend of mine is staying over during his night shifts to help with the kiddos and also to help me get all of this ready–I forgot how hard it is to get anything done with a baby! If I can get a shower and two house chores done a day then I call that day a win. I’m also starting to run low on all that awesome food I made before I had Ben so I think I’m going to try to work cooking days into my schedule when Andy is off work so I can make a bunch of meals to freeze. Or just start doubling/freezing things when I cook them.

That wasn’t very fast. 🙂 But that’s what’s been going on!


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