Almost six months already!

28 Jan

Oh, Ben continues to be the sweetest thing.  We think he has a tooth coming in–a lower incisor, not one of the usual bottom two.  He hasn’t really been fussy at all but has been doing a lot of crabby talking–the babbling that seems pretty obvious he’s complaining about something but not really crying or anything.  He’s not finishing his bottles and prefers instead to chew on the nipple, particularly on the side where we think the tooth is coming in.  We shall see.

He is getting better sitting up on his own but can’t really hold it for more than a few seconds.  He still thinks Eli is about the funniest thing in the universe.  He is getting a lot better during tummy time and will actually hold himself up for quite a while if you’re interesting enough to him.  We moved him in with Eli when we got back from Shreveport and for the most part it’s going well.  It can sometimes be a little tricky when Ben starts talking in the middle of the night or when he wakes up for his morning bottle around six.  Usually Eli sleeps through everything since he sleeps like his dad but every once in a while he’ll wake him up.  It’s pretty funny–when Ben does wake Eli up you can hear Eli whispering to him over the monitor– “It’s okay, Ben” or “Go back to sleep, Ben” or “WE KNOW, BEN.  WE KNOW” when he gets annoyed.

Will is taking two classes in school and I think that’s going pretty well.  I believe the idea of him moving out is over for now but I’m not totally sure.  He spends most of his time making his music and has gotten a bit more sociable with us since Christmas and that’s nice.

I was thinking the other day that I kind of felt guilty for not documenting Ben as thoroughly as I did Eli in this blog.  However, once I went back and looked at some entries, I feel like it was a LITTLE bit about Eli and mostly about my neurotic first time parent thinking.  I mean, all the stuff about sleep, goodness.  Chill out, lady!  It’s kind of funny now–if Ben has a short nap or trouble sleeping one night I really don’t think much about it.  He’ll sleep when he sleeps.  I’ve done no intensive thinking this infancy about his output of poop.  He might actually be happy later on that I didn’t document every little movement.  I’ve actually been enjoying a lot of them since I’m not constantly worrying I’m Doing It Wrong.

We’re going to try to break him of the swaddle soon but I tried it once before already and that did not go well.  We will probably wait until Andy’s next gap of days off (in two weeks) before we do that.  We gave him some apple and pear baby food a few weeks ago and he was very on the fence about it (pictures to follow).  A few days ago I bought some sweet potatoes so Eli and I could feed him and OH MAN.  This kid likes them as much as Eli did!  He ate an entire jar of them and then wolfed down most of a jar of carrots.  He would cry when I took too long giving him another spoonful!  Since I am the mother of a four year old boy, Eli was very entertained when Ben’s poop the next day was pretty orange.  He thought it was HILARIOUS.

I call tomorrow to schedule the appointment for his laser scan of his noggin in preparation for the helmet.  This should be interesting.  Since it’s mild plagio he only has to wear it for three months so it should come off when he’s nine months old but I’m already missing that sweet little baby head!  I think it would have been a lot easier if they told us we HAD to do it instead of leaving it up to us to decide.  Oh well, it’ll be over before we know it.

Eli has an appt with an pediatric opthamologist on 2/15.  About a week after we got back from Louisiana, I noticed that every so often his left eye would drift in toward his nose and then straighten back out.  It quickly became obvious that when he looks at things up close, that eye goes in and when he looks up, it takes a second to straighten back out.  So I scheduled the appointment and it seems to be getting rapidly worse.  Now it sometimes just sort of wanders in when he’s talking to me across the room or at the dining table.  I called them back to see if we could get in sooner and spoke to a nurse.  She said it’s not really the kind of thing that a rush appt would help and they put us on a waitlist for cancellations for a sooner appointment.  He might need glasses or surgery to correct the strabismus, maybe both?  I guess we will find out soon.

And it’s the next day!  His scan is scheduled for the 7th then we go back on the 15th for the fitting, I guess?  It’s also the same day/time as Eli’s eye doc appt so Andy will need to take the day off so we can divide and conquer.

Lots of videos to upload.  Going to get that done in case Ben wakes up soon….

Beginning Jumping 101

First foods (apples or pears)

Advanced jumping

Entertaining Eli

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