Eli’s Teacher Observations from Berry Patch 2/26/13

5 Mar

Play preferences:

Eli spends much time with sensory based choices–water, sand, snow, etc., trays, playdoh, free art paint projects.  Outside, he is enthusiastic about games, making his own or “Mr. Bear” and “Little Sheep”.  He plays with most kids easily and readily.  He’s very vocal about board games and tries to rally others to play.

Peer relationships with children:

Eli talks about Small Faces and mentions seeing/playing with S.  At BP, he seeks out C and A who have similar play preferences.  He and M bond over board games.  He’s able to vocalize his needs and problem solve with peers–very positive and interacts constantly and consistently.

Relationship with teachers

We’ve known this guy forever! Eli is hilarious and knows everyone so well!  He’s been friendly and comfortable around Shelbi (new teacher) so far.  He is still in the habit of giving us Ben and Will updates (from Erin–he tells them that Will doesn’t clean his bathroom very often–ha!)  He knows how to get our goat too–he’ll repeat things and gibberish if asked to leave, get loud to attract attention.  He’s tested in that way for a good while.  All in all, he knows what to expect from us and vice versa.

Language skills:

Eli is talking about the recent past frequently.  He has an ability to talk about what has happened in the past, what’s currently happening (or ongoing), and what will be taking place in the future.  He reasons with others’ point of view, and suggests solutions to common problems.

Emotional expression:

He is a friendly guy that looks to please people.  He’s very interested, engaged, and present to situations for the most part.  He’s upfront about his feelings and shares readily.  He remarks on others’ frustration or sadness, showing his empathy.  He tries to identify with peers “I like ____, too!”

Fine motor abilities

Eli is able to print his name and a good number of letters independently.  He can draw people with distinct parts and also shapes.  We’re working on tape in a tape dispenser.  He has trouble with the zipper (it was this one coat we had which has been replaced and he can work the zipper no problem).  He could try lace up shoes.

Gross motor abilities:

He’s eager to move around!  He is still skilled in yoga though he’s no longer here on Monday for the class.  He tries somersaults and has the basics (he tries to roll from his head though) Hopscotch is a good game for him, as would be jump rope.

Conceptual grasp:

Able to do 60 piece puzzles with little or no help.  Reasons and negotiates with peers and adults.  Can count in two languages and can do simple math, patterns, and sequencing.  He reasons out how to do activities and problem solves out loud.

Other notes

Eli is a great guy.  I’m so excited to have him at BP for a few more months!  He’s an eager learner and makes the most of his time in activities as well as in relationships–he’ll excel in most any environment.


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