Learning to talk

7 Apr

Practicing our words and sounds:

One day I will tell him the story of Narcissus:

Making the most with what we have:

What’s going on lately:

After many months of no teeth, Ben got the bottom two on March 16th.  Andy was conveniently out of town for the weekend fencing so the teething fun was all mine!  Luckily Ben didn’t really have any problems that a dose of motrin couldn’t fix.   He is sleeping on his belly in the bed most of the time lately although he seems to have completely lost the ability to roll front to back.  He’s getting better at rolling back to front but then he’s just stuck like a bug on it’s back.  He’ll figure it out again sooner or later.

We are giving him more solid foods.  He’s very different from Eli in that Eli would gobble up pretty much anything you put in front of him and would often try to grab the spoon in order to feed himself faster.  Sharron (the woman who used to watch Eli) came over last week to sit Ben so I could go to a training.  She fed him some solid food for lunch and her description is pretty apt:  “It’s like watching grass grow”.  He’s a sloooooow eater, easily distracted, and just doesn’t really seem to crazy about foods in general.  The only ones he really seems to like so far are oatmeal with fruit, green beans, and prunes.  If I am patient and wait wait wait for him to get about halfway through a jar, then he seems to perk up and will usually finish the rest at normal speed.  It’s probably about a 30 minute ordeal for one jar.

We went to Vancouver, WA this weekend (it’s sort of like Bossier for Shreveport–right across the Columbia River) to stay with June and Kristen since they were having a party for Jordan who turned one.  Andy stayed here to get some handyman stuff done around the house without having to worry about noise and naptimes and interruptions from a 4 year old who really wants to “help”.  I took the boys for the first road trip in the van and it went great.  Both boys were absolute champs in the car.  We had to stop once on the way down to give Ben a bottle and a change at a rest stop but the rest was super easy.  We had a very fun weekend and it was fun to see them again.  It was funny to see that Ben at 8 months is taller than Jordan (12 months) and Nicholas (17 months).  I really am beginning to thing he’s going to be taller than Eli.

It’s going to be a while before any crawling.  He’s now doing that big pushup with straight arms–once he figures out how to get his knees under him at the same time then it won’t be long at all.  If he’s like Eli, he’ll take his time.  His head is looking a LOT better.  It’s veeeery hard to see the flat spot now because it is so much smaller and even the front of his head has rounded out a lot which I hadn’t really noticed before.  He’s got quite an attractive nogging now.  He goes in for a check up in two weeks so hopefully they will give us some idea of how much longer.  Hopefully they will let him not wear it during the day but only for naps and overnight.  It’s so funny when we take it off–we forget what he looks like without it.  He’s a cute kid!

He continues to be one mellow guy, content to sit back and observe everything, very much like his brother as a baby.  When he’s upset he will general crab talk at you and only really cries when he is hurt or he’s really hungry.  Even then usually Eli can sing to him and he’ll forget his pain/hunger in order to laugh at big brother.  Eli is showing more interest in Ben but not yet at the point where he allows Ben to touch his toys (“He’ll drool on them and give me his germs” says the kid who licks walls in stores because he knows it makes me mad).  However, if Ben is hurt or really upset, he is there in a flash and will hug, kiss, and sing to him until he calms down.  Heart. Exploding.  Gah.

He sleeps great which I love.  He usually sleeps 7-7:30 until 6:30 then he gets a bottle and he’ll go back down for another hour or two.  I put Eli’s breakfast and milk in the fridge the night before.  When he wakes up he gets himself dressed then will come wake me up to show me he’s all dressed.  Then he gets his LeapPad and sits in the recliner playing games on it while he eats his breakfast.  I get to sleep in another 45 minutes or so!  Hurray!  I know it’s not going to last long–I doubt I’ll be able to get that extra hour or two from Ben for much longer but it is nice for now.  Also, Eli likes feeling like a big boy since he gets himself up and ready.

Eli is the friendliest kid ever.  He makes friends wherever he goes.  We were in the dig pit at the Portland Children’s Museum this morning and in 5 minutes he had several playmates.  He says hello to everyone on the street when we walk to and from school and is interested in everything.  The new task before him is learning to tie his shoes.  He’s excited to have new soccer shoes but gets frustrated trying to tie them.  We’re taking it slow.  He wants a Power Ranger action figure and it costs about $10.  So for the last three weeks he has been emptying the silverware, putting up his laundry, and dusting all the furniture for an allowance.  Occasionally he will suggest extra chores he can do for extra money.  He’s got $7.64 saved up now.  He’s learning about money and he’s (hopefully) learning that you have to earn it and not just expect it to be handed to you.  I offered to pay the rest once he saved up $6 but he declined and said he wanted to pay for all of it himself.

I’m doing well.  My back continues to be an issue but I’m going to PT for it.  They don’t want to do a MRI unless it’s still hurting in a month and frankly, I’d rather not do a MRI at all.  If something is messed up, I don’t want to know.  It’s not as if they can really fix it.  I’ll be fine sticking with PT. I did the Big Climb a few weeks ago (1,311 stairs, tallest building in Seattle) and it was fine.  I didn’t really train at all and my time was 18 minutes and change.  I have Beat the Bridge in May (5 miles) and I’m trying to find other stuff to do although I’m supposed to be cutting down on running because it makes my back achy and also causes sciatica which I HATE.  I ran three miles the other day and it was a lot less painful than usual so I think the PT is helping.

When did I become 90?  When did I start talking about my aching back and sciatica?  Goodness.

We’ve gone gluten free and I LOVE it.  No heartburn, I sleep well.  Andy says since we’ve gone gluten free he noticed a big improvement in his ADD symptoms even when he’s not on meds.  We are switching Eli too and he’s loved everything we’ve given him so far except I wish they’d make a gluten free Goldfish or Cheddar Bunny.  There’s a company that makes EXCELLENT gf breads, muffins, cookies, waffles, bagels, pasta, etc.  so you really don’t miss out on anything.  Eli’s not showing any ADD signs but since his dad has it, I decided I’d rather go ahead and do what I can do with his diet.  It’s fine if he gets it, I’m not being judgy or anything, I just don’t want him to have to experience the negative attention first and THEN I make changes in his diet to improve things.  I don’t want him to think there’s something wrong with him.  I’d rather be able to do behaviorally what I can and if he ends up showing symptoms anyway, we’re not starting from ground zero of how to address it (I prefer medication only as a last last LAST resort).  Again, who knows if he’ll have it but gluten free is a pretty easy thing to do up here so what’s it going to hurt?

Andy is doing well.  He’s fencing a lot more.  He’s growing a mustache  and looks like a throwback from the 70s.  He won’t shave it off until he wins a fencing medal.  Needless to say, I’m letting him go twice a week now.  Next to Eli, Andy is about Ben’s favorite person ever.  I really hope Ben turns out to be a Daddy’s boy.  Of course Eli loves Andy but he’s much more attached to me, probably because he’s with me most of the time.  I really hope Ben is a total Daddy’s kid and worships him.  He would love that.

Will is doing okay.  As usual, we don’t know much.  He’s in school and says his grades are good.  He is also continuing to make and post a lot of fanfiction and music on the Brony websites.  He quit his job the other day with no notice to us.  Just got fed up with his boss and quit.  So it’s been a little rough here this week but any other details will have to come from Andy or Will.

Wow, sorry to end on a bit of a downer.  I’m about to put up some more pictures on flickr so check that out, okay?  As always, I will try to post more often on this but TWO KIDS + COMPUTER DOWNSTAIRS = MOM TOO TIRED TO WALK ALL THAT WAY AFTER THEY GO TO SLEEP.




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