The days are long and the computer is far away

1 May

But luckily I’ve been doing well recording/uploading video (maybe not the most exciting video ever):

Eli and Ben hanging out


Eli at soccer class

Ben loves the bath

I finished the woodworking class tonight with a poorly assembled toolbox.  I think I would have had it finished much more nicely had he not made us assemble it to drill the pilot holes (I had everything looking pretty nice at that point), take it apart and put glue on it, then put the screws in.  Once the glue was on it there wasn’t a long time before you couldn’t make adjustments to make it even anymore and so it’s a little off.  Oh well, that’s why we have sanders, right?  Right.

Eli is starting to make some good friends at Small Faces and the awesome part of that is that they all live within two blocks of us–today Mariana (mom) picked up her daughter (Sadie) and Eli at Small Faces and Eli went over there to play for two hours then I walked less than a block and picked him up.  Saturday evening we have a birthday party at a kid’s house around the block and next week Sadie is coming over here.  He’s having a big week–play dates, tomorrow a zoo field trip with Berry Patch, Friday a Children’s Theatre field trip with Small Faces, and Lolly and Pop will also be in town tomorrow!  To say he is excited about this week is an understatement.

Ben is great.  He’s gotten into the solid foods idea and now will routinely eat two jars of food and also a full bottle after that.  I really should get it together and make huge batches of solid food or he’s going to bankrupt us.  He’s not yet crawling but he’s almost there.  He just needs to figure out how to push over his leg and he’ll be there.  He sits and then reaches sideways as if to crawl but can’t seem to get that leg out of the way and behind him.  Not too long now, I think.  He’s nine months today–I can’t believe he’s already nine months!  Andy and I realized this morning that Eli is closer to 5 than 4–where does the time go?  My little boys are getting so big.  But hey, that just means we can start going on road trips and vacations!  I’m pretty excited about that.

Will is doing well in school and has been doing a lot of work for us in lieu of a paying job.  He mows weekly, weeds, cleans, etc.  It’s been really helpful although I doubt he’s too happy about it.  I asked him the other day if he was really looking hard for a job on a scale of one to ten and he said “three” so there you go.  Hopefully he will take more classes next quarter.

We bought a bike for me the other day since my back continues to give me a lot of trouble.  This is the third day in a row that it hasn’t really bothered me at all and I am EXCITED.  I ran today but stopped at two miles and did my PT exercises and that was it.  I really wanted to run longer but I was afraid to overdo it.  Also, I need to alternate with the bike so my exercise isn’t always impact.  We got a <a href=””&gt; trailer bike </a> for Eli so he can go on longer rides with me.  We did NOT pay that for the bike, I bought it off Craigslist for way, way cheaper.  We are also going to get a <a href=””&gt; trailer </a> so Ben can ride along and I am currently haggling (or waiting to hear back about my haggle) from someone on Craigslist about that.

Ok, it’s late and I’m tired.  All for now!


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