Breaking out of a (baby) rut

20 May

Ben is…what?  A week shy of 10 months?  Something like that.  After months and months of immobility and then a good three weeks without the ability to push over his foot, kid’s got the hang of it.  All in one day he started pushing over his foot to a belly down position on the floor then also decided it would be great to push back up to a sitting position.  No crawling yet although he does manage to push himself backward on the floor.  He is ALL ABOUT pulling himself up too.  He can pull himself up to standing if I’m sitting on the floor (he grabs on to me which can be pretty painful because kid has a pinch of steel) but not quite at the point that he can get past his knees pulling up on anything else.

(Parenthetical portions are four days after the original post since I still haven’t managed to finish it–he’s now using that method to get around–he goes from sitting, to his belly, back to sitting and gradually manages to move himself in large circles where he wants to end up–no attempts at crawling at all)

So I dropped his crib lower since it’s only a matter of time before he figures out he can pull up on the bars.  (He has spent the first hour or so of each “nap time” practicing pulling up on the bars–he can get about 2/3 of the way)  It’s so funny, Eli had a very logical milestone development–he rolled everywhere for a while, then he started sitting up on his own, then the belly crawls, then crawling, pulling up next, walking.  The stages were all very distinct and progressive. Ben seems to prefer to think about things for a LONG time and then just bust out with it at once, i.e., teeth.  Right now it seems like he can’t decide if he wants to figure out the crawling thing or just go straight to standing and cruising.  Once he’s standing, he can move up and down the sofa a little and he is ECSTATIC when he’s standing so who knows?  Maybe he’ll be one of those kids I hear about that just skips crawling.  (At this point, I really think he might.  He is constantly trying to pull himself up but when he rolls to his belly he immediately sits back up–kid still hates tummy time, it seems!)

Ben sitting up:

I really need to baby proof.  I need to find proper end tables instead of the little concussion traps we have now (they’re tv trays).

Pulling up:

If you lay Ben on the floor on his back, he will do nothing but cry and not move.  If you put him on his back on a bed or the sofa, he will roll all over the place–he can even connect rolls.  But on the floor, it’s like he doesn’t know how to do it.

I’m in the midst of applying for jobs and I am posting this as a way to procrastinate on writing a cover letter.  I got my resume together before I left SMH so it’s done.  (I finished the cover letter and have now applied for four per diem jobs.)  There aren’t really any part time jobs available and Ben’s daycare schedule at Berry Patch in August is so weird (it’s a Mon, Tues, and Friday, I think) that it would be hard to fit in a job.  So my hope is that I can mash a few different per diem jobs at places and get the hours I want (20-30 a week).  Now that I’ve applied places, I feel very insecure about the whole deal.  I really hope I get a call or two back.  Soon!

Eli is reading!  For real reading not just memorized words!  It’s so exciting to see him learning to read–when he gets words right I pretty much flip out and we do a whole high five routine.  He looks proud enough to burst and it is such a fun time.

Eli is doing well in soccer and loves it.  I also plan to put him in a private swimming lesson once I am working again and finances ease up a bit–I am apprehensive to put him in another class with ever changing instructors, etc again.  It sounds like he would also do better (and much more quickly ) if we just set him up for one on one since he has such an issue with getting his face wet.


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