28 May

Very very proud but a little sad….where did my baby go?

*sigh*  That was this morning.  Yesterday he was doing a one leg sort of scoot then he’d go on his belly but this morning it was all of the sudden “Oh hey, I’m going to crawl over here”.  He’s not very fast (yet) and seems to forget he can do it but he’s gone mobile.  Have I baby proofed?  Of course not.  I think I found some good (super cheap) end tables on line and I’m going to Lowe’s tomorrow to get the baby proofing stuff.  I seriously doubt we will go as crazy as we did with Eli since most of Eli’s baby proofing was gone within a week or two–Eli pulled the soft adhesive corners off all the sharp edged furniture, no adults could open the toilet, and the cases for the power strips were ridiculous.  So I think this time we’ll just go with furniture ties, drawer/cabinet locks, and baby gates.  I’m sure he’ll build up speed crawling although he still spent a lot of time today practicing pulling up (he actually did it when he was in the bathroom and holding on to the tub–aieeee!)

Admittedly, I was a little anxious about him crawling–Eli had started a full month before him and although I try hard not to compare (did I start crawling earlier? or Jason?  I’m sure every parent of siblings does the same) I was curious as to why it was taking Ben so stinking long.  Is something wrong?  Why doesn’t he have more than two teeth?  Eli had more than two teeth (a whopping four, I believe).  I would like to mention that I often tampered down the paranoia with “He’ll do it when he’s ready” because I sure learned that with Eli!  So when he actually crawled this morning, I was very happy but then also a little sad.  My last baby is crawling and as we all know, that’s kind of the first step to really no longer being a baby.  Happy mixed with bittersweet, that seems to be parenting (aside from the pure rage when your kid declares in the middle of a crowd that he hates you because you won’t buy him cheddar and sour cream potato chips, of course–not that that happened TODAY AT FRED MEYER).

I put up several new pics.  Lately, Eli is very picture resistant whereas Ben sees the camera and automatically smiles.  Eli is alternately very, very pleased at his ability to entertain Ben and make him laugh but more often than not he wants little to nothing to do with him–even making statements about actively disliking him–PARTICULARLY since someone is now able to get to Eli’s toys all by himself.  This is going to be a rough few weeks.

I applied for five or six jobs and I have a phone interview this Thursday.  I am already out of the running for one which surprised me because their job announcement was pretty much everything I have done.   A friend pointed out that it was likely an internal candidate that got the job and aren’t my friends sweet?  So there are still four left, one I can count out by the end of this week since it will be more than 10 days.  BP can take Ben 4 days a week starting in August so I really could use PT work but there are NO PT jobs, so I’m looking to cobble together hours from a few per diem jobs.  BP can also do full time but I am reluctant to do that, I have so few years with the boys that I really like to have the home-away balance a little more even in these early years. Anyway, I’m starting to sweat a little over this.  Two daycares are EXPENSIVE!  Mom needs a job!  Aieee!

In the second week of July I’m flying to Utah to meet Mike and we’re going to drive around Utah for four days.  Mike is moving to New Orleans and this is sort of a last hurrah, I will be meeting him on his very extended drive down to New Orleans.  I’m really looking forward to the trip but I really hate what it means.  He had to be out of his apartment today so he will be splitting the remaining month between here and KC’s so we will get to see plenty of him but still.  My two really good friends move away within 7 months of each other.  It’s kind of rough.


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