Summertime rolls

13 Jun

And it’s almost here!  It sure has been feeling summery lately with most highs in the 60s and plenty of sun to go around!  I would dare say that it gets into the 70s quite a bit but I don’t want to jinx myself.  We all know Seattle’s summer doesn’t start until July 5th.

Ben is much faster crawling and is now officially Getting Into Stuff.  We installed the baby gate at the top of the stairs but it seems more effective that we just close the door to the basement.  We’ve all been pretty good about that.  I think the baby gate will come in more handy once Ben starts walking more.  We haven’t done any other baby proofing and I imagine at this point we will probably just wait and see which baby proofing we need (doesn’t that seem like a dumb statement?  ‘We will wait and see how he tries to kill himself then we’ll do something about it’) but I suppose that is the curse of the second child.

Ben is faster with the crawling:

Mostly Ben prefers to try his best to follow Eli around to which Eli either runs away from him and acts like Ben is the plague or he will play crawling “come get me!” games with him.

It’s all dependent upon Eli’s mood which runs very hot or cold these days.  Eli and I have been having a lot of conversations about his mood and his very four-year-old problem with listening and “why don’t you do things the first time I ask you Oh my gosh why do I have to tell you fifty times and you’re still not doing it now I’m mad and you’re acting like you just heard me tell you to put your freaking shoes on KID!”  He quite frankly says that he hears me telling him to do it but his brain tells him to do differently!  He also acknowledges that these behaviors do not get what he wants and as such he is trying to do better at discerning when his brain is telling him to behave appropriately and when his brain is being all Mr. Devil on his shoulder.  He’s doing better, all in all.

He got a horrible bug which resulted in a high fever (104+) for about 3.5 days and some vomiting.  It was pretty rough and kid watched enough tv for a lifetime.  I found out after the fact it was going around at Small Faces and his best buddy Sadie had it a day or two before he got it so I guess I know where that came from!  Sadie lives literally around the block and four houses down so they have become big play date buddies.

Here’s Ben being screechy and Eli being super cute with his bad illness (really, he felt poorly here but “wanted some air”):

Trust your mask, i.e., when you get on your parents’ nerves:

Ben continues to be ALL ABOUT PULLING UP TO STANDING.  It’s really getting to be quite annoying.  I have hardly had a chance to get used to the crawling and he’s already on to the next thing?  Gah.  He can pull up on pretty much everything now except the sofa.  This morning he figured out how to pull up in his crib and we have had the most ANNOYING day with naps because he can’t just lie down and go to sleep, he has to show me REPEATEDLY how he can pull up!  And throw his pacifier and buddy out of his bed!  Oh but wait!  He (1) doesn’t know how to get down from a standing position and (2) no longer has his buddy and pacifier with him!  Therefore, he must yell until someone comes to retrieve the items and lie him back down, at which time he promptly does it again until exhaustion sets in.  This morning it took 45 minutes after putting him to bed before he fell asleep, this afternoon it took an hour.  Usually he goes to sleep within TEN MINUTES.  I will be happy once he finally feels confident in this whole standing business and no longer needs to prove he can do it.

That phone interview was a bust–they were hiring for positions other than what I applied for (weekend and night) so they are going to put me back on the list for strictly day or per diem and call when they are hiring for that.  I interviewed with Northwest Hospital today for a PT position in their ER and I have to say, I’m excited enough about it that I don’t want to talk too much about it and jinx it.  It’s perfect hours, I LOVED the women who interviewed me (potential supervisors), it’s 5 minutes from home, and it sounds like a great place to work.  I think the interview went well, they ended up taking me on a tour and asked me to come back next week for a f/u interview.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I am trying to plan a trip for us to Glacier Nat’l Park this summer.  Hopefully I will have a better idea of when we might go once this whole job thing settles (hopefully).  Just a four day or so trip, Glacier is about an 8 hour drive and it’s a good first family road trip.  I’d like for the boys to have some sort of “summer vacation” experience and since things are a little tight now since I haven’t been working a camping trip sounds in order.

Ben also loves drawing.  He can pull himself up on the easel in the kitchen and can even hold a crayon to make scrawls on the paper.  Most of the ones you see here are Eli’s but several are Ben’s.  He was more distracted in this video by my phone but you can see how he will change the grip on the crayon in order to color on the paper.  Is this kid genius or what??


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