Father’s Day 2013

16 Jun

We had a great day today.  I got to go for a 4 mile run this morning while Andy looked after the boys.  I asked if he didn’t want me to stay home so he could have some time off on Father’s Day and he remarked, “Why?  You need to run.  I’ll spend Father’s Day being a father.” Oh, so awesome!  I got home and they had had a fun morning in pjs and watching cartoons.  During afternoon naptime, I packed up the car and coolers and we went to Carkeek Park for a picnic.  Even Will went!

We took the little gas grill and good thing since the place was packed.  We found a nice open spot on the lawn and camped out.  Eli lasted about 10 minutes at the spot before he wanted to go play at the playground and the salmon slide.  We could see most of it from our spot and we let him go on his own.  He ended up meeting a nice 6 year old girl and they played together for the afternoon.  He was getting really too hard to watch–I would have had to follow them constantly since the salmon slide is on the other side of the bathrooms and they are blocked from our view so Andy and I decided to give him a little free reign.

He and the little girl had wandered off uphill into the woods at one point but I saw them and told them in no way, shape, or form is Eli to go into the woods (there are drop offs and lots of different trails to get lost on).  Eli and the girl agreed, we set a boundary, and let them go on their own.  I did sneak up a few times to see where they were and they were always within the area we set for them.  Eli and I have had a lot of talks about strangers and how to stay safe so we thought it would be good to give him a little freedom (although I did sneak up a few times, he’s still FOUR).  He did really well with it.  I feel like four is too young for a lot of stuff but he is a pretty responsible four and I felt like it was okay to let him out of my sight for a little bit at a time.  It made me nervous but I didn’t want him to think I needed to watch him like a hawk.  So good.  I feel like I did well today in the “teaching your kid to be independent” department.

I was uploading pictures from today and found a few pictures from Decemberish from my phone I never uploaded as well as a few videos.  So I put those up so the flickr will be a bit out of sync with everything else.

Everybody is doing well.  It seems Will likely has a job at a specialty popcorn store in Ballard so he will be PT there and taking 3 classes in school.  HOPEFULLY I will get a job so we will actually be able to pay for Ben’s childcare since he’s supposed to start in August.

The main thing going on right now is the wedding planning.  I AM REALLY HOPING ANDY TOLD YOU, SUE AND ROBERT.  It’s not going to be much of anything, I emailed the JOP and asked for Thursday, July 25th so they should call me in the next few days to schedule it.  We were going to have a small reception here the next day but I’m wondering how well that will work with how many people might come.  We can do 15-20 in the house, no problem.  Any more than that and well, problem.  Our main goal is to keep it small since things are tight and really, we have two kids now so it’s not like this is a big surprise.  We’ve felt married for years now.  I’m still EXCITED to actually get married but I’m just not really a wedding sort of gal.  We’ve thrown about ideas for what kind of party to have, we were thinking a Hawaiian themed party (because if I had a lot of money we’d get married in Kauai) and we could dig a big pit and roast a pig.  Guests would have to bring Hawaiian themed sides/drinks/desserts and I think it would be a lot of fun.

So it’s getting worked out.  We have to get married before August 7th since that’s when our license expires (and we lose our $64, ahhh, romance is not dead) so as long as the judge okays the 25th, I’ll be sending out invitations for the party shortly.  We are saying that anyone who wants to come to the courthouse is of course welcome but really we want people there for the party.  I have so much planning and pinteresting to do!

Ok, it’s pretty late for the night and I am dead tired.  Stick a fork in me, I’m done.  Those videos are taking forever to upload so I will try to get them up tomorrow.


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