Birthdays, trips, and WMD disguised as a cute baby boy

7 Jul

And hello!  Time to catch up on all that has happened between here and Father’s Day.

The ER job – I got it.  The hours are a little wonky and it’ll take a good bit of wrangling with childcare and also having someone else available once or twice a month to pick up and sit with the boys until Andy or I get home but it will be worth it.  Every other week I will work two swings, 3-11:30.  At first I was pretty upset about this but the more I thought about it, I think it might work out.  After all, the boys will go to school those days which will allow me some quiet time.  It will also give Andy and the boys some regular one-on-one time and I think that will help A LOT…both boys are particularly centered on me right now.  It’s driving me a little crazy.

Teeth-  Ben’s got ’em!  He finally had the top two peek through yesterday.  I find his timing amusing–he got the first bottom two the ONE weekend Andy went to Reno and now he’s getting these two when Andy can’t help out at all.  It’s really fine since he doesn’t seem to be a super cranky teether (much like his big brother, hallelujah).  Mostly he just wanted to be held and glued to my hip until the Motrin kicked in and then he was back to his mellow self.

Illnesses – Eli got over his terrible bug and has been fine since.  Ben had a very mild naggy croupy cough for about a week and then got the mildest case of pink eye.  I took him to the ped so they could check everything out and he got drops, no problem.  It was gone by the next day (yes, we are still doing the full course of drops).  I took Ben on Tuesday to the doc although we noticed it Monday.  On Tuesday, Andy worked an OT shift and he texted me during it to tell me he caught the pink eye.  He came home and his eye was red and we figured hey, you can just use Ben’s drops as well!  We all know what happened next.  Wednesday, his eye was really red and starting to swell so he went to his GP and got a prescription for Cipro drops and oral Amoxicillin.

On Friday, his eye was so bad (and it also spread to the other eye on this day), that we called an opthamologist and asked them to work us in.  I thought for sure that he had some sort of horrible infection that was worse than pink eye and he would definitely need IV antibiotics.  His lymph nodes on the left side were like knots, he was running 103 degree fever, and he wasn’t really moving or talking much at all.  The doc gave him a thorough check and it’s just pink eye.  I won’t go on for more because y’all pretty much know the rest.  I will say that today he didn’t run a fever at all and that’s progress in the right direction.  His eyes are very annoying and uncomfortable but he’s starting to be a little social and also get his sense of humor back so we are having all sorts of zombie related jokes going on:

Since his viral conjunctivitis is very contagious, I’ve mostly been busy with the running/maintenance of the house.  We’re trying to avoid him touching a lot of stuff–we have purell in most rooms and he also has been lysoling most of what he touches.  He’s felt bad enough so far that it was largely only contained to our room and the recliner but today he’s been a bit more mobile.  I have been washing my hands constantly and harrassing Eli to wash his and purell-ing both of the boys regularly.  Of course, my eyes itch pretty much all the time but I think it’s just neurotic itching and not anything significant.  (Talk about bedbugs for 10 minutes and you’ll start itching, too)

Eli is making out like a bandit since Andy is sick.  Since I’m trying to stay out of the house, he’s gotten to go to two different wading pools, the zoo, two playgrounds and a few playdates.  He threw a bit of a fit when he got up from his nap this afternoon and I said we were just staying home!  Mama’s tired, y’all!

I have a trip to Utah planned for Wednesday and I hope he continues to get better so I can go and not feel like I am deserting them.  If he gets worse, I won’t go.  It’s just not really a trip I can just change dates–I’ll be working, Mike will have gotten all the way to New Orleans and then unable to travel, Andy will be working, etc.  We will see what happens.

My birthday was really great.  Andy planned a nice dinner out and my friend Ananda made me a cake and got me a label machine!  I wanted a label machine (NERD).  I haven’t used it yet but oh, the labeling that is going to happen!  Andy got me a gift certificate to [a href=] Olympus Spa[/a] and I hear that place is really awesome so I am looking forward to it.

Ben turns one in less than a month.  I have no idea how that happened.  I am happy but it’s a little bittersweet.  He is all over the place these days and Eli is starting to play with him more although for the most part he just annoys Eli.  Ben loves being flipped upside down–it’s his favorite thing ever!  He also loves the bath just as much as Eli did at this age.  If he hears the bath/shower start, he will crawl to the bathroom so he can splash in it.  If the door is closed, he will sit and cry until whomever is in there finishes and comes out.  We have to keep the door closed because he can already reach the cold water handle and if left unsupervised, he will go in there and stand at the bathtub with the water on so he can splash it around as it comes out of the faucet!

He also likes to do some coloring at the easel in the kitchen.  Is it me or does this seem pretty advanced?  Clearly, he is a genius.

Eli is reading now!  For real!  He can read pretty much all of the Dr. Seuss books.  He tries to “read” it from memory a lot and will miss words but when you ask him to slow down and look at the words, he can get them.  He can also read things he hasn’t read 1000 times before.  It’s really amazing to watch him learn to read.  He still prefers for us to read to him but now he will usually agree to read about half himself first and then you read the rest to him.  His face just lights up when he reads something new!  It is so awesome.  We are going to the library after my Utah trip to sign up for the summer reading program.

I will be gone from Wednesday-Sunday camping in Utah (Moab, Canyonlands, etc)  I haven’t been away from the boys this long since…well, Andy and I went to Kauai a while back but I haven’t been away from all of them at once more than two days, ever.  I am going to relish the downtime as much as possible but I’m pretty sure I’m going to miss them like crazy.

They are starting to play together–you can see Eli is totally letting him crawl on him and even after the hair pulling Eli is sort of amused but trying to act mad:

Hopefully I will be back with lots of great camping pictures soon!


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