Happy almost birthday, Zap!

31 Jul

The wedding was fabulous, amazing, a fantastic time.  It was pretty much everything this girl-who-never-wanted-a-wedding could have wanted.  With the exception of the drive there (we were late and things Got Tense), it was all really super.  Tons of family and friends there, they didn’t give us a hassle about having more than the allowed number of people in the room, and the judge said lovely things.

In all honesty–does anyone who was there remember what he said?  The whole situation was so surreal to me that I kept zoning in and out between “Wow! We are really Getting Married!  This is so awesome!” and “Wow!  The judge is still talking.  Oh, that right there that he said was very sweet.  I agree with that.”  and “Wow! I am getting married!  Crazy!”  and back and forth to the point that I really don’t remember anything other than meeting Andy’s eyes a few times while I said my vows and thinking that he looked to be about the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.  

So there was that.  The dinner was fun (although Ray’s, I Do Not Like You anymore, even if some of the dishes were excellent) and Andy and I had a great mix of alone time and hanging out with dear friends we never get to see (Wendy and Terence happened to be staying at the same hotel in Bellevue!) on the wedding night.  The picnic that Saturday was great and pretty much all scheduled 40 people came (except three!) so we weren’t left with TOO much BBQ leftovers.  Between the picnic and the subsequent brisket sandwich lunch the next day, we only had to freeze about 2 lbs of chicken thigh meat and I’d say that’s pretty stinking awesome.  

Do I start signing things Erin Smith now?  Do I have to wait until I legally change everything?  I am confused about this.  I was writing thank you cards and I wasn’t sure how to write the return address.  I went ahead and wrote Smith because I knew my friends would get a kick out of it but I wonder.  I sent in the paperwork to file the marriage certificate and I guess now I have to send in to have the certified copies sent to me so I can go to all the places for the change.  Also, I seem to have the option of obliterating my middle name (Erin Massey Smith) or keeping it (Erin Elizabeth Smith).  Do I get an option to keep all of it (Erin Elizabeth Massey Smith)?  I don’t like the idea of wiping out one little part of me.  I think I’m selfish that way, I know a lot of ladies are excited about losing their last name or whatever.  I’ve had mine for nigh on 40 years, I’m kind of attached to it.  

Ben turns one tomorrow.  I don’t really know what to say about it because the idea of it is so wonderful and terrible to me, all at the same time.  Because of the insomnia and PPD, I feel like I missed the first three months of it but at the same time it definitely feels like it’s been a year.  I just am having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that my baby is one.  My last baby, my sweet wild little Benjamin, is one tomorrow. He’s been such an amazing addition to this family.  

He decided that not having teeth was for losers so he chose to get a lot more over the weekend.  Many family were on hand to witness what was the saddest I’ve ever seen him–he would just cry for periods and nothing much would console him.  He ran a fever for three days straight (a low one) and mostly on Sunday, just cried.  Frequent motrin doses and teething tablets helped but now that the worst is over, he’s got three new teeth!  That’s pretty cruel, three teeth at once.  I’m fairly certain there’s a fourth and fifth that are still giving him a bit of trouble but I can’t feel those yet.  

Although I was secretly happy to have all the extra backup during a period when he was super fussy, I was a little dismayed that the small amount of time the family has was spent like this.  Once I chewed on it some more I decided that the timing was good–they had all seen him as he normally is, a very happy, mellow baby and now they all had the chance to provide snuggles and comfort once he was feeling poorly.  They got to see the contrast and now they know what I mean when I say that’s he’s usually a pretty mellow guy–and the opposite as well!  He is feeling quite a lot better now and back to his silly flinging about self.

Eli is just a reading maniac.  I don’t know how it happened–it was literally as if one day he could read two or three letter words here and there–then all of the sudden he could read books.  I think he could read things for a while but was waiting until he felt confident to show us what he could do.  Even now, if he gets a few words wrong in a book, he will insist that you read it to him and refuse to read it.  I’m trying to work on him enjoying the idea of reading for itself rather than the “did you get every word right” aspect of it.  We talk about how you don’t need every word correct to imagine a whole story and characters in your head and how that’s the most important part of reading, your interpretation of it and the world you build in your head.  He has plenty of time to get the nuts and bolts down, I just want him to enjoy it for it’s sake right now.  I think it’s working–he asks to have books next to his carseat so he can read while we drive!  Also, we signed him up for the reading program and he’s already halfway to the goal of 10 books for the summer–in just three weeks (yes, he read them on his own)!  I am so impressed with my boy and his growing love of reading.  Few things make me prouder.  

Goodness, it is time for dinner.  Once we have pictures from the wedding (our friend Matt took some and he is coming over tomorrow), I will post them.  Thank you to everyone who came and Gran and Papa, we will see you soon!  We are very much looking forward to your visit.  




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