What a week!

10 Aug

And the boy with his birthday cupcake:

I need to post more videos.  There’s not much more in the way of pictures other than what I’ve posted on FB since the battery in the camera died and our spare went missing….so on his birthday all we had was a dead battery for the real camera.  Oh, second child, I am so sorry.  He got lots of presents from friends and there was only one meltdown from Eli.  Eli wanted to “show” Ben how to play with his new toy but instead of a demonstration, it was really more of a “I’m just going to take it from you and complain if you try to get near it” sort of scenario that did not end well.  He recovered quickly and a good time was had by all.

Ben is doing great at BP.  He does okay with no nap but really does best at this point with two which is fine since the other baby that started (a month older than Ben) still seems to need two as well.  Ben can hang no problem with one nap at home but we are not nearly as exciting as BP and I imagine that probably makes it a lot harder for him to make it until after lunch in good spirits.   He hasn’t had any problems with separation anxiety and usually just sort of looks confused when I leave, if he even happens to be paying attention to me.  My work schedule has been such that I’ve had a day off when they were there and I managed to get a LOT of housework done!  It happens so that every two or three weeks I will get either an entire day or partial day off when they’re at school so that’s pretty nice.

Work is going very well.  I really, really love the job.  It’s taking a while to get used to and there’s a big learning curve–a lot of the population is geriatric and I am not as familiar with that population but a fair portion of it is good ole psych and those go quickly.  I am getting more exposure to the medical side of things and my supervisor had me observe several medical procedures this week–since I will be working with families of patients, I need to be able to describe what it is going on, etc for them.  This week I observed an intubation and I also observed a full code.  The intubation threw me for a bit of a loop but then the full code the next day has lingered a bit.

The code wasn’t something particularly tragic, a 90 something year old woman who had started falling ill several months ago and had been in the hospital and then a nursing home since–she and her husband had discussed that she was unlikely to recover from her illnesses and so he was (as much as one can be) prepared.  We got the call that the ambulance was three minutes out and my supervisor stationed me in the room so I could watch not only what she did to handle it from a SW standpoint but also how the medical staff responds.  It really is like a ballet, everyone gets into their positions and has what looks to be very choreographed roles, all working seamlessly together.  It was amazing to watch the staff and the director of the code–a new doctor (he started after me!  Super New!) who looks like he’s about 20 but to watch him direct a full code event, I was completely impressed.   They managed to get the patient back for a short bit but then it was obvious that she was only responding due to direct medical treatment.  She failed again and stopped responding as well.  I never knew that before a doctor calls a code in a case such as this he asks the medical team–including me!–if they agree with his decision to call the code.  It’s a “In light of x, y, and z, if anyone does not agree with the decision to call this code, speak now” sort of statement.

I was relieved she didn’t make it.  She went the full code, they stopped offering treatment and almost immediately she died.  I was secretly (I don’t think I could have thought it this clearly to myself at the time) hoping she wouldn’t make it–they had been doing CPR for a long time and frankly, her tiny body did not seem capable of handling it.  I kept thinking there was no way she would ever recover even if she did make it to the floor!  Once all was said and done, I had to go for a walk and pull myself together.  I was glad I was able to observe it although I just kept thinking (and still do) how horrible it was for her to die in a room full of strangers.  Her husband was at home at the time and we had a hard time getting a hold of him and he didn’t make it there until after she had gone.  I hope if I make it to that age that I can just stay at home and go and not have to die in a room full of people I don’t know, even if I am unconscious.  The staff at the hospital are warm and compassionate but at the end of the day, it’s still a job to them and she was just another patient– I suspect this is “newbie” kind of stuff I’m dealing with.  It’s just all so different.

Oooooh depressing!  Other than that, I’m getting the hang of the job.  Learning how to triage and pace myself is the trickiest part–on Friday, it was totally dead until 1 in the afternoon then three came in at once and I ended up working an hour late–but I’ll get better as time goes on.  I really like my coworkers and my supervisor is AMAZING.  I really feel like I have struck some sort of work lottery and I didn’t really think I would ever feel like that!

In other news, the sum total of four days of crankiness from Ben seems to be three new teeth.  He’s been a bit drooly the last day or so, maybe there are more coming but his last bit had three at once–why can’t this kid pace them out?   He isn’t walking yet but he’s close.  He can walk just holding one of my hands but doesn’t seem to be too interested in trying to balance himself yet.  He won’t do the stumble walk thing if Andy and I are on the floor sitting across from each other.  He’ll stand and just hold on to one of our hands until he can grab the other person’s hand.  He’s not ready to let go yet.  And that is TOTALLY fine by me.  Stay little just a bit longer, Ben-Ben.

Ben eats most anything you put in front of him but he’s starting to get very irritable about having his food cut up into tiny pieces–he would rather grab the large piece of food and just gnaw it until it’s edible for him.  We stopped giving him formula yesterday but will probably still give him morning and evening bottles for another week or two.  He knows how to use a sippy and will hold his bottles himself so he’s much more independent than Eli was at this age.  I keep thinking Ben is the one who is going to keep us on our toes.  Ben is going to be the one flinging himself off monkey bars and he’s going to be the one who breaks stuff.

Well, tomorrow we have a playdate with Eli’s BFF, Sadie and then we are having friends over for dinner so I will sign off for now.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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