Settling in

20 Aug

I suppose I am appearing confident enough at work that my supervisor has been leaving me for periods on my own, fly little bird, fly! For the most part, I’ve done fine.  For the other part, I’ve done fine as well–it’s just a matter of getting used to the resources that are available to me and also the resources available to populations other than “adult”–the teens, the geriatrics, the chemically dependent who have insurance, etc.  The patients with whom I interact are totally the same–it’s just sometimes I know the resources and sometimes I’m not used to having the additional resources that being referred from an ED provides–therefore a bit of a learning curve.

I love the people I work with, for the most part, they are funny, genuine, and kind.  They have a healthy sense of humor about the work they do but they also aren’t burnt out about it.  Granted, a few definitely do show signs of wear but most are just thrilled to have SWers in the ED–just by being there, we make several people’s jobs a lot easier.  Overall, I have been really happy about the job move.

I had my first swing shifts this week, working 3-11:30.  One night Rachal picked the boys up from BP and the next night Ananda stayed with them until I got home. I signed up on so we could establish one or two regular sitters to have all these odd shifts covered but I still haven’t gotten around to interviewing.  Next week I only work two day shifts so my goal is to have a few come over for interviews and have that locked down. Although I know my friends don’t mind, I’d rather have someone I’m paying come do it instead of just always counting on their goodwill.

The evenings went well although it was a bit tiring, not getting off until 11:30 and then having to get up and go at 6 the next morning.  One morning I had to get up to get the boys to BP and by the time I got them there, I had been up a while and so it was hard to go back to sleep.  The next morning, they were home with me that day so additional sleep wasn’t an option.  It’s been a long week.

I’ve also started tapering myself off all of the medication I was put on after my post-partum insomnia.  I’ve already fully tapered off one antidepressant (wellbutrin) and I stopped the main one (tapered, of course) four days ago. I didn’t notice any difference with the wellbutrin but the zoloft is proving a bit challenging.  It was a gradual taper but I’m still experiencing a lot of agitation.  Between the medicine and being back at work I’ve felt very overstimulated this week.  I’ve been pleading for more quiet time when I’m home at the same time as Andy (meaning, I need him to herd the boys away)–I feel like there is noise coming in from every direction and I feel very overloaded.  He’s been frustrated by it but understanding at the same time–I’ve had a short temper so I don’t blame his frustration.  I just hope it wears off soon.  Of course, my back issue has flared up big time this week so that hasn’t helped.  Wah, wah, poor me.  It will all wash out in the next few weeks once we have all had a chance to adjust.  Even Eli has been in a pretty bad mood all week (likely feeding off me) and he was fairly clear that he was NOT happy I wasn’t here two evenings this week.  We all have to get used to things, I suppose.  It will work itself out.

On the positive side, I’ve tapered off almost everything and I’m still sleeping totally fine! Hurray!  I’m only on half the sleep medicine dose they originally prescribed and I probably could stop that but I’ll probably continue on it for another month or two then taper off that once everything is settled down.  It’s so nice to get this stuff out of my system although I am thankful every day that it was there when I needed it.


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