I’m not done

26 Aug

I am not finished tweaking the blog appearance.  I don’t really like how it is right now but do you know I don’t have any decent pictures of both boys (at once) since that series?  Granted, I have a lot of pictures of both of them but it’s always someone making a silly face, crying, etc. I really need to have some professional shots done but good Lord, the scheduling and haircuts that would involve.  Although Ben’s mullet is getting pretty ridiculous.  I do like my baby with his au naturel Kentucky Waterfall.

Anyhoo, everything is great here.  The zoloft withdrawals are gone and I am feeling fine. I’m still sleeping well on the lowered dose of trazedone which is awesome!  I have about another three months worth of it and I’ll probably finish that out and see how it goes. It’s nice not to have to take a bunch of pills every morning! Now I just take my vitamins and that’s it.

Andy, Eli, Ben, and I went camping this weekend to the North Cascades National Park.  We had a great time.  Camping with kids is fun but a lot of work.  Thankfully, our tent is the size of a small apartment so we were able to fit a queen size mattress, Eli’s twin size mattress, Ben’s pack n play, and a small area for our backpacks, etc inside it. Having the pack n play made things a lot easier–we were able to set up camp without having to corral Ben and also take it back down.  Other than that, there weren’t many moments (other than sleeping) that he was content to be in a pen.  The indignity!  He was quite aware he was being put in a holding pen and he was not pleased about it.

It’s horrible to admit but we discovered he loves graham crackers so when we really needed to get a few things done (dinner, etc) we would break a few crackers in pieces and toss them in his pack and play with him to keep him quiet.  I remarked to Andy that I felt like I was feeding a chicken.  Several times, we just said to Hell with it and let him crawl around the campsite and get himself really, really dirty.  Every time he did this he just LOVED it, thought it was the most hilarious thing ever.  I tell you, this kid is going to be the wild one who breaks bones and starts fires.  He’s just a nutty little kid!  He is awesome.

I didn’t get to go on as many hikes as I would have liked but as Andy reminded me (A LOT), I was not the one carrying Ben in the Kelty carrier. 🙂  We did a two mile hike the evening we got there.  Eli was hiking along like a trooper but parts of it were downhill–although we kept telling him to watch his feet, look at the trail, etc because it was kind of rocky and the little rock pieces would slide, he still wiped out.  Pretty hard. I was about 10 feet behind him and it was one of those full-body falls where your knees hit and your face hits.  His knee was skinned a little but no other cuts but lo, he was TRAUMATIZED.  All “i never want to go hiking again! I just want to go home! I don’t want to go camping!” I felt horrible for him.

The rest of the hike sucked, frankly. It took about 20 minutes to get him to recover (a good 10 minutes of this was us dragging him on the trail) and once he got into it and became a happy hiker again, he slipped AGAIN.  Barely fell to his knee before I yanked him up (we had been holding hands) but he just lost it.  Did I mention this was the day we got there and he had gotten about 4 hours less sleep the night before than he usually does?  And instead of taking a 2-3 hour nap like he usually does he had only slept in the car for 45 minutes?  Why did we think a two mile hike was a good idea?  Ugh.

The next morning once everyone was rested, we went on a 4 mile hike on the Thunder Knob Trail . I was a little apprehensive but Eli did great. It was mostly uphill on the way to the top and although there was a fair amount of “I’M RUNNING OUT OF FUEL, I CAN’T MOVE MY LEGS ANYMORE”, he really did awesome. We got back to camp and drove to Winthrop, WA and he was rewarded with a vanilla waffle cone for his efforts (the kid always wants a waffle cone but doesn’t actually like the cone part so he gives it to me–I like the cone but not really ice cream, we are a perfect pair).

The rest of the trip was great. I am so happy we went. I wish Will could have gone but his work seems to need him more on weekends than during the week. We are going to try to fit in another camping trip the wknd of Oct 4th so hopefully he can go then.

Ben is balancing all by himself the last few days. He will pull himself up on you and then just lightly push off and stand there by himself. He looks THRILLED when he does this. I know he’s going to be walking soon and I’m excited for it but my, the time just flies.


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