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13 Sep

I don’t really have anything to say right now, I just felt I should post because it occurred to me and I post so rarely these days.

Everything is going pretty well.  Andy is at the tail end of a pretty brutal stretch of days (12 12 hour days in a row) and we will all be happy to see him again, particularly since several of those days involved overtime. I’ve worked a little extra to accommodate a coworker’s vacation but the boys and I have had pretty much the same routine although it’s starting to feel very single parent-ish.  This weekend should be a good combination of relaxing and fun, tomorrow the boys and I don’t have anything much to do so if the weather turns nice we will probably hit the park. The weather, although still VERY summery for mid-September, is going to start to be hit or miss soon and I’d rather get all the sun I can. Sunday, I am going to a friend’s vow renewal and our babysitter (!) is coming over to watch the boys since Andy will be at work.  

I finally got around to getting a sitter through  She’s watched both boys once and Ben by himself another time now and she did great. She’s about 20, very nice, and plays about a million games with Eli so of course she is high up on his list of favorite people. Although primarily we still ask Ananda to sit first (yes, we pay her), if she can’t do it then we ask Makenna. She doesn’t start school until next month so her schedule has been pretty flexible so far. She sits several other families but luckily we don’t ask for very exciting hours (like weekend nights, for example) so she is usually open. 

Ben snuck a molar in on us when we weren’t looking. Although both boys are doing great in daycare, Ben is usually pretty wiped by the end of the day (that’s with two naps) and Eli doesn’t nap at all at Small Faces and you can imagine how those evenings are for me. They are usually both deliriously happy and insanely short tempered and often find themselves both in bed for the night by 7:30.  During one of Ben’s fits yesterday (this time over not being allowed to throw his toothbrush on the floor), he threw his head back to wail and hey! there’s a molar!  When did that happen?  It’s a first year, obviously, but he’s a little ahead of schedule.

He’s taking one step here and there. Only just the one so far and he stumbles and pitches forward on the second. The problem with Ben is that when he gets excited, he tends to fling himself about.  So when he takes a step and we start cheering, he happily throws himself rather violently to the floor and then isn’t so happy since it’s not soft couch. His tendency to fling doesn’t really lend itself to learning how to walk. 

I should post more when I have something to say.  I worked today so I’m a little brain dead and although the little boys are wonderful there’s nothing particularly noteworthy to mention this week. Eli thought to bring an extra pack of graham crackers in the car for Ben the other day, that’s something. For no discernible reason he just thought about his brother and took an action just to try to make him happy.  Considering that most of the time Eli wants Ben to GET AWAY and LEAVE ME ALONE, I was pretty pleased about that. He also gave Ben a hug for taking a step tonight.  At which point, Ben pretty much face planted out of pure glee that Eli touched him but then Eli gave him a kiss to make him feel better.

Sometimes I worry we had them too far apart for them to really be play buddies but I’m sure it will be fine. I should probably get some rest!


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