New pictures up.

22 Sep

New pictures and a long delayed post from 9/6 (scroll down, it’s there. Andy just gave me the okay to post it today).  

Since that post, everything has been going well.  I’ve gotten some communication from Will. He asked about his phone number (which we suspended but did not disconnect in case he could transfer it, which I guess he did not attempt). He texted me to tell me he was working full time at a lumber yard and planned to save up to get his own place soon and also to ask about incoming mail.  Other than that, I haven’t heard much of anything and I guess that is okay.  

Eli continues to do well at Small Faces. We have had a rough time acclimating to no naps during the week. Currently, we pay for five days a week at SF but he only goes four days–on Wednesdays, I have arranged private swim lessons for him.  Once we started Discovery room at SF I learned that they go to swim class on Tuesdays at 1! And pretty much everyone goes! This would have been useful information to know prior to scheduling the private instructor. However, since his hatred of ANYTHING WET near his eyes is so strong, I figured I’d leave five or so private classes in place and pay for the school ones as well–what could it hurt?

He’s had one private class (15 min long by design) and he did great but what kid doesn’t do great in 15 min increments? He’s done fine (his report) in the 2 classes at school but I have no details other than that.  After the one private class, the teacher told me that he needs to work on holding his breath under water–he keeps trying to inhale through his nose and that’s a problem.  We’ll figure it out.

Bens (how he is often referred to here is Ben-ben, benny-ben, benners, Ben-YA-MEEN!) is seriously about to walk once he decides to do it already. He can take several steps without assistance but he’s just not to the point yet that he wants to do it regularly. He can cruise back and forth between Andy and me like it’s going out of style but he won’t strike out on a course on his own quite yet. He still prefers to crawl for that.  Really, he only walks if we “make” him so he probably has a week or two before that as well.

In other news, I ran nine miles today. I do not feel like death. This is amazing news. I have felt pretty gross the last several days with a chest-cough-thingy and although it felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest, I used my inhaler (I get one for cold weather exercise from my doc, I haven’t used one in almost a year) and I ran the 9 miles in 97 minutes!  It’s not lightning fast but it’s pretty stinking good for me.  I run the Bellingham Bay half next weekend.  

Andy has a fencing tournament at Salle Auriol next Saturday morning. After that, we drive to Bellingham, check in to the hotel and have a relaxing evening (the little boys love pools and hotels so we figured it’d be way fun for them).  The next morning, I catch a shuttle to the start line, run the Bellingham half, and then we spend the rest of the day Bellingham sight-seeing and head home.  What a lovely weekend!  


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