October already?

16 Oct

We have….walking!

This video is from the “first” day he started walking. I like to think of it as the first day he started letting anyone see it. As with Eli, I was sitting on the floor with them playing and all of the sudden he was across the room. After a few tries, he finally let me catch it on video. Does this look like a kid who just started walking to you? I had worked the previous two nights so I texted my friend and Andy to ask if he had been walking then. They both said they thought he had but they never managed to catch him doing it. It reminds me of his crawling, it seemed like once he decide to start crawling he all of the sudden crawled like a pro.  I think Ben practices something until he’s good at it before he lets us see it. I mean, come on! He slips on a book and recovers without falling!  Witness:

And now walking is just so old hat for him. Although sometimes it seems he forgets he can do it and he will crawl at first. Then you see this light sort of come over his face and he’s all, “Oh yeah!”

He also likes the remote and changing the channels:

If he can’t do it with the remote, he will walk up to the receiver and do it from there. He will also walk up to the TV and TURN IT OFF. He laughs when he does this. My children are mean.

Short but sweet, Ben wants more!

Ben’s getting more words. His ability to imitate words we say is sometimes quite surprising in that it will sound very clear and distinct, causing several “Did he just say…?” moments. Then if you ask him to say it again, it gets baby-fied. Mostly these days he is VERY attached to me. He starts out with “Mommy mommy” and then it becomes “nonny nonny”. He is able to do the signs for “all done” and “more” although I really don’t think he has any idea what “all done” means because he signs it then keeps eating. He also just signs “more” to let us know he is hungry and wants some food. OR if he wants another round of “Itsy Bitsy Spider”.

Some things he has been saying: Waffle “wapuh”, Eli “Aye-yai!”, Ananda (my friend who watches him a lot) “Nanuh”, NIght-night (time to hit the sack) “nigh-nigh”.

Eli is doing well and excited as can be about his upcoming fifth birthday.  How did he get to be five already?  It seems so old. He’s going to be a Samurai Power Ranger for Halloween (thank goodness he picked a costume I can just order) and his birthday party is a few days before that. We’re just having a group of kids come here and destroy the house for his birthday. I think we invited about 10-15 kids and their corresponding adults so it should be entertaining, if nothing else. We have a pinata, a few silly games with prizes, then some snacks and a sheet cake. It’s a little less exciting than big gymnastics place from last year but this year I can sleep and function so kid has to put up with what I’m willing to do on my own!  Ha!  He’s excited as can be about it.

The swimming lessons are PAYING OFF. He now puts his entire face in the water and has even been dunked several times and is fine with it. He wears his goggles in the tub sometimes so he can practice putting his face under water. So proud of that kid! We will probably buy another few sets of the one on one lessons since he seems to be gaining so much ground with them and then we will re-evaluate where we are. Right now I think having one class with his buddies where it’s some lesson and play and another lesson where it’s all learning seems to really be working for him. It’s a lot of time in the water, for sure, and it seems to be working out so we will stick with that.

The adults are doing fine. We had a great trip to Bellingham and I ran my half in 2:18:33 which is a good 10 minutes off my previous two half marathons!  I was pretty proud of that although if you want to be REALLY PICKY, I was aiming for 2:15. 2:15 was my “Oh my, I’m going to freak out that’s so great!” time and 2:20 was my “That’s so awesome, I’m amazing!” time. So 2:18 was pretty stinking good considering that was a bit of a hilly course and I wasn’t really expecting it. I was going to enter the Seattle half at the end of November to try to beat the 2:15 but it’s $100 to enter and um, no. I’m not paying someone $100 so I can exhaust myself for another tech shirt. I’ve run enough races now that I really have enough tech shirts. I’m training anyway and my goal is just to run 13.1 that day anyway, probably not for time. Running in a race always makes you a bit faster so it’s unlikely I’ll beat any time that day but it’ll be good just to get the 13.1 in anyway.

Andy’s doing well, he’s been fencing a lot lately. Tomorrow both little boys are in school so we are spending the whole day doing yard work because our yard looks terrible.  So! Exciting! Andy has a tournament in Dallas in December (Dec 13-16) so be aware!

That’s the news for now!


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