Birthdays, holidays, big boys, oh my!

15 Nov

Well, Eli is officially five years old.  Although I can believe it, I still can’t really wrap my head around it. We had originally scheduled his party for Sunday, 10/27 but the whole preceding week turned out to be a Plague Upon My House Affecting Only Males (again, they are the weaker sex! Another round of crud they all caught but I didn’t!) and then although they had rallied the day before, Eli started off the day of his party with a little throwing up and that never lends itself to a party atmosphere.  The celebrations were rescheduled for two weeks later, this past Sunday, November 10th.  If you think about it, it really was a major score for Eli, who by that time had totally forgotten about his birthday and all of the sudden it was Presents! Again! Thankfully, I had done a lot of party prep the days leading up but I had not done anything that couldn’t be put on hold for two weeks (pumpkin scones made but not baked-in freezer.  Decorations hung-our house just looked festive for two weeks. Wasabi deviled eggs-well, we ate those for two days solid and got a little sick of them and the rest went in compost).

So the party went well, the house was overrun by kids being maniac kids and Eli had a fantastic time which was the point of the whole thing. He got lots of cool gifts, mostly consisting of Legos, which is funny because I didn’t tell anyone he had recently developed an all abiding love for all things Lego. The two kids (moms) from Small Faces who also have 5 year old boys got them for him because their kids are All Legos All the Time. Apparently there’s some switch that gets flipped at 5 because a month ago? Eli thought legos were okay but nothing to write home about and then I bought him an Iron Man Lego kit for his birthday and it was ON. One afternoon I was playing with Ben and realized Eli’d been quiet for over an hour and when I went downstairs he was on step 24 of a 43 step instruction guide about how to put Iron Man’s water boat together.  It was REALLY IMPRESSIVE.  I thought Andy had helped him but he hadn’t.  Later that evening when Andy got home and found Eli working on it, he thought I had helped him.  Since his party, he has spent HOURS working at the dining table assembling his Lego kits, usually all by himself.  He will ask for a little help locating a part here and there but that’s about it.  The attention to detail and patience he displays is really amazing.

Ben is just exploding all over the place, in the best ways.  His speech has gone through the roof.  He talks almost constantly–even though it’s mostly babble, he’s getting better at getting his point across.  He clearly understands probably about 75% of what we say–he can get things for you, he knows where his shoes/jacket belong, he can help with clean up, etc. It’s awesome because we can really communicate with him now on some level but at the same time, little man gets frustrated when we have no idea what he wants.  He uses the sign for “more” and says “eat” a lot but then he sometimes doesn’t seem to be that hungry–he’s communicating “want” in some way but we’re not sure what he needs.  Granted, it usually is that he wants to eat–this kid eats almost NONSTOP.  I was complaining to Andy the other day that it feels like all I do these days is feed Ben and clean the kitchen.  The amount he can put away is staggering–two mornings ago he had a waffle, two eggs, five cherry tomatoes, a full sippy of milk, and a piece of toast for breakfast.  Then he ate another sizable snack (banana and some chex) before lunch.  For lunch he had a black bean and cheese quesadilla with more tomatoes and half an apple.  It’s ridiculous.  Andy and I figured it out and Ben is the same size at 15 months that Eli was AT TWO.

Can we just take a minute to absorb this?  Eli, who was a giant child, IS SMALLER THAN BEN AT THIS AGE.  BEN IS BIGGER.

I am so afraid for my grocery budget.

He’s getting more into being read to–he will now sit for about half a book before he tries to eat it or fling it across the room.  He brings books to us now to read and he is getting better at recognizing things in his 100 Words book.  He will point out dogs on the street– “Doggy! Doggy!” and make the most adorable barking sounds and also will make meow sounds for cats although his meow is more like “Mooooooowwwww” It’s pretty funny stuff.  He continues to love nothing more than being flipped, thrown, or otherwise hurled into the air–either by himself or someone else, so I’m pretty sure I’m going to start him in some circus classes as soon as he’s old enough.  He flies through the air with the greatest of ease! And hopefully learns to do it safely so he doesn’t give his poor mama a heart attack.  Or perhaps he will want to learn rock climbing?  The cool thing about Seattle is that he has tons of options!

Eli is still taking soccer now but he has expressed some interest in karate (check out the video, I have been cracking up ever since).  I told him I would see if I could find a drop in for him to do to see if he likes it since he can only do one or the other–between schools, swim class, and another class, that’s all the running around I care to do.  In water news–he lets us pour water over his head now in the tub!  So proud of that kid!

Here are some videos and also, new pictures up!

Walking out and about, Ben in his new winter jacket:

Lunchtime conversation

And my personal favorite, karate master.  Stick with it until about 1:13 and then I just have trouble not laughing.  He’s so great.



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