I’ve worked in an ER for 4.5 months and now I think I’m a doctor.

10 Dec

Lo and behold! The thing that has made me Most Miserable the last few months, I have diagnosed myself:

<a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piriformis_syndrome”&gt; Piriformis Syndrome! </a>

Basically, I have a pain in the butt.  Quite often it translates into some wretched sciatica that shoots down to about my knee or so but now that I’ve started focusing more on core work, it has retreated largely to the glute area.  I consider this to be a GOOD thing–if it’s just a muscle thing then it’s not a back thing.  Woohoo! The fact that after all the extra strengthening/stretching it’s retreated to mostly just the glute region lends me to buy into the piriformis idea.  That and I’ve never wanted to accept the idea I have a bulging disc or something like that.

Which all goes to say that it’s been killing me lately.  It used to shoot down my leg and now it’s mostly just in the glute and sometimes shoots down the back of my leg to my knee–usually when I’m trying to sleep, it seems–but it just is really bothering the bejesus out of me most days the last week or so.  Good, non-butt pain thoughts appreciated!  I have started googling specific stretches for piriformis syndrome and have also started working on my foam roller several times a day.  Hopefully, I can get rid of this soon or at least make it less annoying.

/And…that above bit is from 11/23 (shows you how well I’ve been doing updating) and I’m glad to report that the stretches/exercises have relieved about 91% of the pain!  For some reason it bothers me a lot driving in the van…something about how the seat hits the back of my leg really seems to set it off if I have to drive for longer than 10-15 minutes but I feel pretty confident I can get it to go away entirely.

Everything here is going swimmingly.  Eli is doing well and is as smart as a whip, which usually is really enjoyable but sometimes, the questions, you know? Constant questions. How does this work, why does this do that, etc. The other day driving home from soccer I had to field in depth questions about (1) evolution (how did a bird get to be a bird? did it just show up on the earth as a bird? what do you mean it used to be something else?) and then also (2) urban planning (how did they know to put houses here? did they put the electric poles up around the houses that were already here or were the poles first? what about the streets? how do they decide how long to make the blocks?)  I often say at work that I enjoy training people because it really reinforces that I know what I know but having an extremely inquisitive five year-old? Really points out HOW MUCH I REALLY AM GUESSING.  I answer a fair amount of questions with “let’s look that up when we get home” or “why don’t we google that?” (and I can hear my dad laughing from here but now I know THAT YOU JUST WEREN’T SURE) and then I also answer a good bit with “Let’s ask your dad about that one” because Andy will tell him.  Andy is really amazing at giving very complex explanations in a way that really holds Eli’s attention.  It’s kind of amazing and also funny that Andy didn’t decide to teach–he’s so good at explaining stuff in a way that people can comprehend.

Mr. Ben is doing just as well.  He is still a constant chatterbox and comprehending more day by day. He’s starting saying his own version of “cracker” and is getting fairly good at getting his point across to us. He still loves nothing more than to be outside and we take him on a lot of walks.  He looooooves animals and particularly dogs. We are watching our friends’ dog for the next week starting tomorrow so I’ll get a chance to see how he actually does with one in the house (no, I am not ready for one yet). Ben’s been catching his quota of daycare illnesses over the last few weeks–a respiratory bug, then a weird stomach bug that mostly killed his appetite and made for some NASTY diapers but left his mood intact, now another mild cold that is hard to tell if it’s a cold or teething–he’s drooling up a storm (soaking shirts, that’s how bad it’s been) but also has a super runny nose (clear). His mood has been mostly fine, if a little tired.  At this count, he has 11 teeth and usually will eat most of what you put in front of him although he’s definitely showing himself all around to be more particular than Eli was (or at least that I remember).

Both of them hit some kind of growth spurt two weeks ago because we had this weird 5 or 6 day stint where they were both eating nonstop–and I do mean pretty much nonstop, and Eli kept complaining that his legs and arms hurt–then all of the sudden their clothes didn’t fit.  For Ben, this isn’t as much of a problem–we have all of Eli’s hand me downs and so it’s fairly easy to size up.  For Eli, all of his 5T shirts suddenly hung above his wrists and his pants are fitting perfectly–which means he has about another week or two left in them. I’ve never seen him do such a noticeable spurt–really, in the course of a week, ALL of Eli’s shirts were really short on him–and I was not prepared. He went to school for a week with cold wrists and an easily exposed belly until today I got to the store to get him some 6/7 shirts and larger jeans. He had worn his 5T stuff for about the last 8 or 9 months so now that he has outgrown that, his wardrobe has significantly shrunk.  I gotta get on that.

We are gearing up for Christmas.  Is there nothing more fun than the holidays with little kids?  We have a gate around the Christmas tree because of Ben and his liking of smacking down ornaments but other than that, the house is festive. Andy ended up picking up an OT shift on Thanksgiving night so we had dinner early that day so he could go to work on time. We weren’t going to do the elf this year but Eli somehow remembered him and started asking about him when we were unpacking all of the Christmas stuff.  We went to cut a tree weekend before last and Will went with us.  It was a fun day, we went to the tree farm and they cut it down, then we all went for lunch and Will came over while we did ornaments and tree decorating and all that. He was also here on Thanksgiving and we had a great time.  At some point since he moved out he watched all of the Doctor Who series and I’m only on the 3rd season (of the new ones that started in 2006) so he watched some with me. It was nice to spend some time with him.

I’ve got a little bit of online shopping left then I have to hit the sack.  Good night!




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