3 Jan

I think of posts to write quite often but somehow I get sidetracked somewhere between thinking about them and actually writing them down.

It’s Friday night. Andy just left to go to a small fencing tournament (foil, I think)…it’s 7 PM. I think it starts at 8. He was off all day and got some work done on the garage (the garage is our never ending project ever since I ran into the door a year and a half ago) door. I got off work at 4:30 PM, drove home, switched out cars, and went to pick up both boys. I got home, we fed the boys, Eli goes downstairs after dinner to work on Legos while Ben gets a bath. Eli is generally against sharing a bath with Ben on principle. Every now and then we’ll just tell him tough, you have to share the bath and he deals with it but he doesn’t like it. Ben gets a bath and once he’s post-bath and doing his usual pre-bedtime “What can I destroy?” tour of the house, Eli gets ready for his bath.  Eli goes in, Ben goes to bed. Eli will get out in about 15 minutes and then get a little ice cream and two stories and then it’s bedtime for him as well.  THEN the real fun begins. I get to eat my dinner (leftovers but good ones–we’ve been cooking a lot the last few days so there’s lot of variety in our leftovers, score!) and then fold some laundry while watching Dr. Who. I have an introductory/free class at a Crossfit gym here at 8 tomorrow morning so I’ve got to get to bed early.

Ben finally dropped (or rather, we stopped giving it to him) his only remaining bottle four days ago.  It’s kind of horrible that we were still giving him one but we were. He’d wake up about 5 AM every morning and we’d give him a bottle, then he’d go back to sleep for another three hours or so. Since Eli wakes up at 6:30 AM but is pretty self-sufficient so long as you leave out breakfast and some cartoons for him, it was really hard to give up that extra bit of sleep.  The first day, Ben woke up at 5, wanting to eat. For some inexplicable (but hilarious) reason, Andy got up and cooked him two scrambled eggs, fed him, then put him back in bed and he slept until 8 as usual.  I pointed out that this sort of not only killed the whole idea of losing the bottle in the first place but actually made things more difficult and Andy agreed he had no idea what he was doing. Complaining, hungry child=Andy autopilot. Funny. The next two days, Ben woke up at 6:15 AM (yes!) and was just up for the day which is pretty much what I figured we were in for. Today, he slept until 7:30!  He squawked for about a minute at 5:30 AM but went back to sleep.  I’m not holding my breath but it was at least nice for today.

So aside from his crib, Ben is practically in college *sniff*. He walks, he uses utensils (fairly well), he doesn’t drink from bottles, and we are seriously going to take away his pacifiers in about a week. He only gets it to sleep but they still need to go. He’s a constant chatterbox and we’re actually starting to understand some of it.  “UH! UH!” (UP!) We were looking at the 100 First Words book and Hand Hand Fingers Thumb that were favorites of Eli’s. Ben likes them both as well but they endured so much abuse from Eli that they didn’t last long with Ben, he found their weak points and pretty much shredded both.  I’m going to run to Barnes & Noble after the gym tomorrow to pick up new copies.  He’s getting a little better about reading–he will sometimes sit for an entire book now although we generally still have to break them up.  He does request books now so that’s something.

Ben is doing great at Berry Patch. They close at the end of August so I’ve put him on the wait list for childcare at hospital. We will only need it Sept-Jan but hopefully it will come through in time. He’s on a bit of a hitting streak.  He gets slap happy when he’s frustrated but it’s also quite obvious that he’s hitting just because he’s seeing what will happen.  He will say, “No!” (sounds like “Nyah!”) and give you a little swipe but then usually start his kissing “mmmmm” sound and want to kiss where he hit you.  He’s so conflicted.  Eli automatically yells NOOOOO at the TOP of his lungs whenever Ben is doing something he doesn’t like. The other day Andy and I were in our room and we heard Ben toddle in the living room and presumably start messing with Eli because a little back and forth started.  “NO!” “NYAH!” “NO!” “NYAH!” and so on for a good two minutes.  It was HILARIOUS.  Particularly since neither of them seemed to inclined to come drag us into it and Ben was holding his own with Eli.  We still have no idea what it was about but I guess they settled it.

I’m signed up for another half marathon at the end of March, the Mercer Island half. Nothing to write home about, just something to sign up for so I will run regularly. I want to do the Hot Chocolate 15K as well on 3/2 but that mostly depends if I can find a sitter.

Christmas! Christmas was great. Eli was very, very excited about it. Although the elf did little to improve his behavior over the course of the month, the immediate days leading up to Christmas were delightful. Kid must have sensed some sort of Santa near because he was laying it on THICK.  He was all, “how are you this morning, my majesty?” and “You look beautiful, my majesty!”  I don’t know why he has settled on “my majesty” but when he’s trying to butter me up, that’s what he calls me.  It’s pretty stinking cute. We put out cookies on Christmas Eve and each opened a present. The little boys went to bed and then Andy, Will, and I set to playing Santa. On Christmas Day, Rachal and Matt came over and we had “the feast” as Eli calls it. It was a very nice, laid back day.  At this point, we’ve pretty much de-holidayed the house except for the lights are still up outside–those come down tomorrow.

A few quick videos, Ben loves giving kisses

Saying goodbye


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