On Ramp week 2, Graduation and a little extra

23 Jan

I updated on Saturday about the 2nd week of crossfit but when I uploaded the entry, it disappeared into the ether. I spent a good 10 minutes trying to get it back or find it with no success.  That left me so irritated I couldn’t try to recreate it for a few days. Now it’s Wednesday and I need to get it up here or I’m never going to get caught up.  BOO!

Monday, 1/13/2014 AMRAP – 8 minutes (I did 8 rounds)

10 wall balls

10 sit ups

Wall balls look so easy. Here’s a wall ball:

(I like that guy’s videos because they are short and to the point but he sure doesn’t come across as particularly lively, does he?)

Anyway, I like wall balls. They’re fun. They get really hard after a while and I start pitching forward into the wall in front of me because my legs refuse to keep lifting me all the way up and I can’t throw as straight up as I did in the beginning. For the workout tonight, it was 10 wall balls then 10 sit ups, repeat that for as many rounds as you can. To be TOTALLY HONEST, I was two sit ups short of a full 8 rounds and I’m sure they record that somehow but hey, it’s on ramp, I’m going to round up to 8.

The first round of wall balls was uncomfortable, then my legs warmed up and I got through to about round 5 or 6 without significant problems, then 7 and 8 was sloooow because I had to slow down to have anything resembling good form to do the exercise properly.

I managed to make up for slow wall balls with fast sit ups, I thank that couple of months of p90x that I did prior to starting crossfit. The sit ups were super easy and I was able to whip through them and even get my breath back in preparation for another round of wall balls.

Wednesday, 1/15/2014 (my time 12:45)

5 rounds

250 m row

7 push press

15 box jumps

That rowing sure gets hard quickly, doesn’t it?  This class started (as they all have) with a lot of review of form and practicing the moves in the workouts. We reviewed squats again. Squats seem to be involved in a lot of the exercises and very important because we practice them a lot in every class and they work on our form.  My squats are pretty good, definitely better than the beginning but I’m still going forward a little too much. I’m starting to think it’s a problem with my shoes since they’re not flat. That’s it, blame the shoes! We reviewed push presses for a good while as well as form for rowing and box jumps.

I totally wimped out on the box jumps and jumped on an aerobic step for this workout. Afterwards, I was upset with myself because that step was definitely too short. I could have at least done the beginner’s box.  Box jumps scare me. I don’t want to bash my shins. Nothing about that sounds enjoyable at all. I need to suck it up and get it over it because crossfit, it likes the box jumps.  Ah well.

I did fine in this workout. The push presses were done with a bar with no weights on it. So, I think it’s 33 lbs (15 kg). Here’s a push press:

They were pretty fun, definitely my favorite part of the workout.

Saturday, 1/19/2014 Graduation! (my time was 6:45)

We did the same workout as the first day. So:

200 m run, push up, squat, ring row


So that’s a 200 m sprint, 15 push ups, 15 squats, 15 ring rows, 12 push ups, 12 squats, etc then another 200 m sprint.

My push ups are still pretty sad. I can get through half the first set and then I’m going about half way down. My squats are great and the ring rows are pretty solid. It’s worth noting in 5 workouts I’ve shaved almost 1:30 off my time but subjectively the workout felt MUCH harder this time around. My coach said something about increased efficiency blah blah blah you get faster but it gets harder blah blah blah. I would have liked to hear it but she said it right after we finished and I was trying to get my wind back and sit down.  I’ll have to ask next time.

This week, I’ve managed to go to two classes so far. I went Monday night and then again yesterday morning since they had childcare hours for the 9:30 class. I dropped Eli and Ben off in the childcare area–basically a big room full of toys and Jeff, one of the guys who works there, to watch them. They LOVED Jeff.

On Monday we spent a lot of time doing back squats. They are in week 2 of the Wendler 5/3/1 which is something for weightlifters to increase strength. You find out what your 1 rep max is for a particular lift and then it’s a set program of lifting…


Anyway, obviously they are not going to try to find out what my one rep max is on my first day so I just practiced back squats with another girl. They felt pretty comfortable although I kept pitching forward on my squat. My coach told me to take my shoes off and it was MUCH easier and felt more stable. I’ve been wearing the nike frees so far, they’re the least cushioned shoes I have. So I did back squats for a while and managed to get up to 77 lbs total on the back squat. It was pretty fun. I can’t really explain how it was fun but I really enjoyed it. After that, we reviewed and practiced snatches for a while (AND MORE SQUATS), and then the workout:

Monday, 1/20/2014 3 rounds (my time: 5:54)

10 snatch

10 broad jumps

The snatch:

The ones we did started with the bar at our hips, not on the ground. Pretty sure I didn’t look that impressive either 🙂 I did it using just the bar, no weights. I really enjoyed it. The broad jumps were just that, biiiig two footed jumps the length of the floor mats. Easy on the first 5 or 10 but then they start to hurt a bit.

Wednesday, 1/22/2014 JACK – AMRAP 10 minutes (I did 5 rounds and 7 push presses)

A lot of the workouts have names. The ones with male names are after fallen soldiers, I’m assuming the guy who started Crossfit was in the military at some point. A lot of the workouts have female names as well. Today’s workout was Jack and we only did it for 10 minutes, not the full 20.

At the beginning of class, we reviewed and practiced deadlifts. I did okay but my feet started cramping during them and I was having a lot of problems with keeping my form okay UNTIL I TOOK MY SHOES OFF (a theme). Then my feet felt a lot better (still some cramping but I think maybe I was still rocking forward on my toes some) and my form got a lot better because I wasn’t trying to compensate for the shoes. We gradually increased my weight until I got to 70 lbs (not counting the bar). Then it was definitely challenging but I was able to hold my form pretty well.

Then the workout:

10 push presses

10 kettlebell swings

10 box jumps

I initially started out with 5 lb weights on the bar for the push presses but had to take those off after 1 round.  I also started out with the 28 lb kettle bell but had to switch that out to the 16 lb after two rounds.  Oh well, good information. I also used the smallest box they have BUT I DIDN’T USE THE AEROBIC STEP.  I also did not bash my shins.  Woo hoo!  Definitely the most challenging workout so far, I was not sure how much more I could push that barbell up or swing that kettle bell.  So much fun though!

I’m going to the 5 PM class tomorrow after work and then again Saturday morning at 10. The other people in the class are really nice–everybody cheers you on and I haven’t run into any egos or anything so far, everyone just seems really supportive.  I think I definitely need different shoes.  I’m a little sore but nothing major so I think that’s a good sign that I’m in decent shape?  I hear so many stories of people feeling deathly sore after these workouts and that hasn’t happened yet so I don’t know if I’m just in okay shape or I’m not pushing myself hard enough. I certainly don’t want to feel like death so I think I’ll just stick with my comfortably sore ways for now. I’ll take my time at the beginning while I’m getting used to things and once I feel more comfortable with the workouts I can reevaluate how hard I’m working.  Right?


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