March Madness

31 Mar

I ran the Mercer Island half today in 2:17:59.  That’s 34 seconds off my previous record and the fastest I’ve gone so far. I ran with a friend of mine and I think I could have shaved another 5 or so minutes off of my time but I waited for her after a few hills. The last mile was nothing but hills and she finally said I could go on ahead. I haven’t really been running much at all, I’ve been doing the long runs on Sundays but the longest was 10 miles two weeks ago and since I ran once, 3.8 miles. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. The crossfit is making me stronger all over which translates to better running and MAN! I was KILLING those hills! Usually my legs will start burning halfway up but it felt great today.

That being said, I think I’m done running for a while. I’m fine with running 4 or 5 on the weekends here and there but I think I’ll just stick with crossfit 4X weekly for the next six or so months and take a break from long races. I’ve done enough at this point that they’re not that exciting anymore and I don’t really feel like I’m accomplishing anything with them. Also, when I have a long run coming up, I have to skip crossfit to save my legs so I’m missing out on gains I could be making there.

Everything is going well here. After the half, we came home so the boys could have naps then once they woke up we went to the park since it was a gorgeous, sunny day. Ben’s big enough now that he can and does climb all over the equipment–he is much more daring climbing-wise than Eli was at this age–anything he sees the big kids (particularly Eli) do, he will try as well. He will go down any slide, no matter how high, with no hesitancy whatsoever.

We are about six days away from finishing the Whole 30 and it’s gone great–we had a few cheat days in there so it’s lasting a little longer than originally planned because we’re making up for that. I’ve been really, really pleased with how it’s worked–my energy is through the roof, I’m sleeping like a ton of bricks, and yes, we’ve both lost weight. I’ve lost about 7 or 8 lbs so far, enough to fit into clothes I haven’t worn since pre-Ben and Andy has lost almost 15 lbs. Although they make it quite clear that this diet isn’t something you’re supposed to do indefinitely as it’s hard to be this strict but I do think we will probably stick to it about 85% or so once it’s over.

…And now it’s a week and a half later.

It’s nice to have the Whole30 done but I’m still mostly trying to stick to it during the week. I figure if I can eat clean five days of the week, that will be striking a pretty good balance. I’ve managed to catch Eli’s sinusy stuff so I’m skipping the workout today because I’d probably just have to blow my nose 50 times during it anyway and that’s just gross. I’ll go to it tomorrow once this clears up a little, I’m sure it’s probably allergy related.

I’m having some password issues with the youtube account, I have a ton of videos to post but it’s just been hard to login. I will fix that ASAP 🙂


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