Nothing happened in April 2014.

6 May

Oh, I wish that were true but in all honesty, I could just not get up the motivation to post.

In April, we went to Oregon. We took a two night, three day trip. We drove to the coast to the Garibaldi/Tillamook area and went to the cheese factory. We also stopped at Haystack Rock on the way down and the boys really loved playing at the beach. The next day we drove to Portland and went to the children’s museum, walked around downtown and got some Eritrean food from a food truck, and camped out in the hotel. The next morning, we walked to the donut shop, then went swimming before checking out. Our plan was to go by Mt. St. Helens on the way back but it was pouring rain–like Louisiana downpour–and we decided against it. Eli and I were a little bummed about it since we had gotten a DVD from the library called MT. ST. HELENS-BACK FROM THE DEAD (ha) and he had been learning about volcanoes and whatnot to get ready to see it. However, the weather was so bad there wouldn’t have been any way we could have seen anything from the car and I was not about to drag those two out in that weather to go for a hike. So, maybe next time. It’s only a few hours away.

Ben’s language is EXPLODING. Words, words everywhere. Some of them even sound like they’re supposed to. For some unknown reason, banana and airplane both continue to be “mee mee” although airplane has an ever so SLIGHT difference of “mah mee”.  In all honesty, I usually only know which one he’s saying by seeing if he’s pointing to the counter or the sky.  He can repeat most words quite well if he’s in the mood for it but he doesn’t enjoy showing off what he can do as much as Eli did. Usually this means he does something cool, I ask him to do it again and he refuses. Especially if I have my phone on him to record it! Obstinate second children!  He’s getting his manners down lately and it’s adorable.  Please “meesh” and thank you “Tay-too mahmee” are about the cutest things ever.

We are getting things ready for lots of changes in the fall–Eli will be at kindergarten full time and our beloved Berry Patch is closing so Ben will temporarily be relocating to the daycare where I work. He has a spot at Small Faces starting January 2015 but we have to cover that gap so he’ll have to switch for five months. I hate putting him somewhere for such a short period of time but he’ll get over it. Eli will be starting North Beach elementary this fall. Unfortunately, it’s one of the few schools that you have to pay for full day kindergarten ($280 a month). Between that and having to pay for part-time before/after school care at Small Faces, we aren’t going to be fully going back to just paying for one in daycare for another year.  However, it will still be a little cheaper and anything is better than how it is now!

We finished the Whole 30 a while back and it was fine. We were really glad to be done with it but I feel like we’ve gone too far the other way now. We’re having wine/beer probably 3 times a week and our diet, although it has never been full of processed foods or anything, hasn’t been so great with the grains and breads and all that. There have been a lot of tacos. We’ve both noticed the change in how we feel daily and so we’ve been talking about what to do about it. Neither of us want to do the whole 30 again for a loooong time but we’re figuring out what we can cut out (or at least minimize) to feel better without breaking the budget–a diet of nothing but meat and fresh produce is pretty stinking expensive. We’ve switched to a lot of frozen vegetables which works fine for some stuff but we tend to roast veggies a lot and the frozen stuff, it’s squishy even after you roast it for a long time.

I’ve got a lot of videos and pictures to get on this blog. I’ve been uploading videos for the last few weeks and i haven’t done the pictures yet but Saturday night Andy is on a night shift and once the boys go to bed, I’ve scheduled that evening for getting all those online. I find I do better if I actually put it in my schedule.  Our calendar looks a bit nuts with all the varying work schedules, fencing, crossfit, boys’ stuff, and everything else.

Ah, life is wonderful and hectic. Today the boys are at school. Ben is normally home on Tuesdays but since I work a swing tonight and Andy doesn’t get off until 6:30, we paid for an extra day. Currently, one of the BP teachers, Neale, is watching them when Andy and I have scheduling conflicts. She and Ben take the bus from BP to Small Faces, pick up Eli, load Ben in the stroller I leave at SF, and walk home. Tonight, since Andy is off at 6:30 she’ll just be here a few hours. Other times, like this Friday when Andy is on a night shift and I’m on a swing, she’ll stay here until I get home at almost midnight. Oh, I am not looking forward to tomorrow and Saturday! The boys are home with me both days and I don’t get off work until 11:30 (if I’m lucky and get out on time). Then up early with both of them and it’s go go go all day long because Andy will be at work and then fencing tomorrow. Saturday, he’ll be asleep all day then back to work at 6 PM.

The days are long but the years are short and I have to get ready for work. 🙂



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