Video Catch Up and Mother’s Day 2014

10 May

Story time with Donald Duck

Send advil, please.  The screaming! The screaming!

Ben masters the ladder to the fort

Strange baby–who is that?

Wabah, mommy!


Bonding over skittles

Just a little taste of what’s been going on over the last few months. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and not a moment passes that Andy and I aren’t aware of the phenomenal, amazing examples we had for parents. We only hope that we can do so well. Andy is on night shifts this weekend and had a fencing tournament today. He took last night off so he wouldn’t have to fence on an hour or two of sleep (something he has tried before and the results were about what you would expect, discouraging is probably the most gentle word). He left the tournament and made it home in time to help with dinner for the boys before going to work so I don’t have a doubt that he will sleep most of tomorrow and wake shortly before time to go to work again in the evening. At first, I started to have a little pity party–poor me, I won’t get anything or do anything special for Mother’s Day since Andy will be asleep/working for all of it–but then I had a little moment with Eli tonight that set me straight.

For quite a long time, when Eli would get out of the bathtub, I would wrap him in a towel and sit him on my lap and we’d just cuddle for a few minutes. He always seemed to love this as did I but in the last year, I don’t know, we just stopped doing it. Part of it is getting him to do more “big boy” things–getting himself out of the tub and getting dressed, getting him more self-sufficient since Ben is usually about and requires attending to, etc. Tonight, Ben was already in bed by the time Eli got out of the bath. For no particular reason, I hung around in the bathroom and helped him get out. As he jumped out, I took a towel and wrapped him up and he jumped on my lap. He gave me a big snuggle and whispered in my ear “I miss this!” and I was again reminded how fortunate I am to spend these moments with my sweet children. 

So tomorrow, instead of feeling sorry for myself (for I really have no reason to), I’m going to have a wonderful day with the two little guys I have been lucky enough to have and I’m going to count my blessings. There is no better gift for Mother’s Day. 


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