It all works out in the end.

27 Oct

It’s a bit of grown up wisdom. Whenever I find myself getting too worked up about something, particularly something that I’ve planned (like a party, some sort of event, etc) and all of these extra variables start barging in threatening to ruin/disrupt/throw planning awry, inevitably I get to a point where I just remind myself to sit and take a few breaths. I remember that in every other instance, it all worked out and nobody exploded/died and in a few days nobody will really be thinking about it anyway so I should just RELAX.

Such was the case with Eli’s birthday celebration. We were going to Remlinger Farms and the forecast was worrying. Saturday was doomed to be a day that was just all around a nightmare and for the entire week Sunday just was sort of a weathery question mark. A “well, it’s definitely going to rain but how much is a good question and also what sort–thundery downpour that makes everyone miserable or Seattle drizzly stuff that everyone just soldiers through” sort of forecast. I eventually came up with a Plan B–Pacific Science Center in the AM followed by Chuck E Cheese for lunch/afternoon (a nice mix of learning and de-learning, if you will). The problem was that Eli has wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese for AGES and he was immediately forecasting a torrential downpour followed by tornadoes and hurricanes and probably a tsunami so long as it involved him getting pizza and video games.

The morning we were set to go Andy and I went back and forth–the forecast said it would probably be okay for a few hours before it got nasty but what do we do? We decided to roll the dice and head out there. We really lucked out. We got there as soon as it opened and it was sunny and awesome for two hours. Then we got a downpour but hey, we just hit the inside rides for a bit and ate lunch anyway. Then it stopped and we got another few hours in before the second round started. When that started up, we hit the hay maze for the second time (indoors) and then since the kids were all moaning about being tired, we headed home. It really worked out well and all of the kids (and the grownups) had a blast.

So now it is Monday and Eli’s birthday is Wednesday. He is so excited he’s practically vibrating. Eli and Ben are both going as Super Megaforce Power Rangers for Halloween (Eli is Red Ranger, Ben is Blue Ranger) and although Ben really has no clue what’s happening, he is so excited for “HOWWEEN!” Once he realizes there’s candy involved, he is going to freak out. Since Eli was the first (well, technically second but there’s a large gap) kid, he didn’t have an older brother to introduce him to candy and Power Rangers and Halloween so we could skate by skipping trick or treating and all of this since he didn’t really get it anyway. Not so with Ben. He might not understand what Halloween is but kid will know he’s being left out and we can’t do that.

So we’ll see how things go. Andy’s working Halloween night and we are meeting up with some friends to go trick or treating in Olympic Manor like we usually do. It should be pretty fun and since that neighborhood is such a Halloween goldmine, shouldn’t really take that long (score!). Hopefully someone is handing out Three Musketeers. 🙂


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