Hindsight 20/20

25 May

Eli is riding like an old (6 year old) pro now. He can turn, brake, etc with ease. He really nailed it down about 2 weeks ago and has been asking to ride in the street in front of our house every day since. This is where Andy and I differ in opinion and since his opinion differs on the side of safety, I go with it. Those of you who have seen our house/street know the layout and Eli has been asking to just ride up and down it after we get home from school. Most of these times, I/we are dealing with Ben/cooking dinner/otherwise unavailable for observation. I’m of the mindset that it’s just the street in front of the house, it’s not like he’s crossing 100th and going way down to the opposite end so it’s fine if he rides unsupervised up and down our portion of the street. We’ve talked to him about riding on the right side of the street (as it pertains to cars turning into our street who might not be expecting him to be on the wrong side) and he always wears his helmet.

Andy, however, feels that he needs to have one of us actively outside the house if he’s doing this. Either in the front or back yard but one of us needs to be within ear shot. 70’s kid to the max, I ask you? In situations like this I prefer to defer on the side of safety, meaning Andy feels it’s not safe so I stay within earshot outside anytime Eli rides but I wonder if this is one of those “growing up in 2015” things? When he is outside riding, I always have the door open and OF COURSE Ben is not allowed in the front yard without an adult but I figured I don’t necessarily have to have Eli on constant watch to just ride up and down our half-street. It’s situations (and discussions) like these that make me feel like I’m missing some sort of alarm button I’m supposed to have because I don’t feel that him riding up and down the street without us watching is inherently dangerous.

I certainly don’t expect any feedback from you guys because hello, awkward position. I just think it’s amusing that two (very similar) people can have such differing ideas about something. Our beloved babysitter, Neale, just left us to go to college to study. How dare she! She had taken some time off school for a short while and ended up helping at Berry Patch while Nicole was having Zivah. Once Zivah came along and it was realized that BP was not for long, Neale stayed around to help out. Prior to BP ending, I ended up talking to Neale about the pickle we were in (meaning that BP ended five months before Ben was eligible for Small Faces) and I don’t know if it had anything to do with her decision making but she helped us out. She arranged her school classes so she could watch him full time during the day that semester and during the last ones, she watched him (and occasionally Eli) during the evening.

Two weeks ago, she moved to Moscow, ID to attend a Chemical Engineering Program for her BS. We are so proud of her and I am so pleased so have known her but oh we miss our Neale so. I’ve posted on two boards so far trying to find a new regular sitter for the boys and although I am confident I will find one I will miss the connection we had to the BP.

(Two weeks later) We have a new sitter starting on June 4th. I have references and I can’t imagine it won’t go well so that is certainly a relief. I was hoping that we could Will to fill in the gaps (paid of course) but apparently his work schedule doesn’t allow for it which is disappointing because these days, Ben is ALL ABOUT WILL.

Ben can count up to 15 as long as you don’t act like you want to hear it. He also knows his alphabet and can sing several songs. It all depends on how interested you act and he will mostly do anything Eli asks him to do. Unfortunately, he continues to hang on a few remembered phrases of Eli’s so way too often I get a very casual “Hate you, Mommy” in response to something benign, such as “Ben, can you pick up your socks?” The funny part is that now that Eli understands what it means he doesn’t say it anymore and it makes him mad when Ben does say it, even though he knows Ben is just copying something he heard Eli say a while ago. “Ben! You don’t know what that means!” Eli will say to him when he says he hates us and Ben usually laughs because hey, Eli is paying attention to him. At this point, I’ve chosen to ignore all of it (and I counsel Eli to do so as well) because the less attention paid, the better.


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