Ben is three! THREE!

1 Aug

How, how, how did that happen? It seems like just yesterday I was snuggling with my newborn boy and experiencing the beginnings of what would become some wicked insomnia. I kind of hate that I can’t separate Ben’s newborn experience from that insomnia but it is what it is.

So my baby is three. At three years old, Ben LOVES the Hulk but oddly enough, is usually scared of him. He asked for a Hulk action figure but it took a lot of cajoling to get him to actually hold it and do anything with it other than pet it like a dog that might snap. Quite often, Ben will declare he is eating something so that when he grows up he can be “big and green”. He loves super heroes lately, entering this phase way earlier than Eli which I think is probably an effect of having an older brother. Eli was a pretty normal and innocent three year old, all Backyardigans and Wonder Pets, whereas Ben has been exposed to Minecraft, Power Rangers, Transformers, etc from pretty early on and of course he wants to copy big brother. Sometimes I really miss Wonder Pets. I’ve managed to harass Ben into watching enough Backyardigans (and Eli still likes it enough that he doesn’t complain) that he requests it but the requests are becoming few and far between.

For Ben’s birthday, we did an easy birthday party at the playground. It was originally supposed to be at one playground but the forecast was for hot weather (which has become the norm for us this summer) so we switched it this morning to a playground with a wading pool. It was completely the right call. The kids had a blast in the water and I think the parents got a little relaxing in. As Andy’s parents left just yesterday and I worked a swing last night, we took it easy and provided a veggie tray, caprese skewers (thanks, Pinterest), a fruit bowl, a bowl of Goldfish, and of course the obligatory cake. We hauled an extra table (didn’t think we’d manage to snag the picnic tables by the pool but we did–score!) and the big tent canopy for shade. We got a great spot right next to a huge shade tree so it really couldn’t have worked out better. The kids had a blast, Ben had a wonderful party, and it was an easy thing to throw together without a lot of effort. I’m so glad it all worked out.

It’s been a busy summer for us. Andy and I were discussing this tonight, that it seems like every weekend and then some has just been jam packed. His parents left yesterday, we had the party today, the boys and I go to Portland next weekend to visit friends (Andy is on night so he will stay here), then two days later we are camping at Ananda’s grandmother’s house (have Sue and Robert tell you about Ananda!) for a night for her 40th birthday party. We return that Thursday and have a weekend that is covered in birthday parties to attend. Then that Tuesday we leave for our trip to Glacier National Park through Sunday.

Considering the multiple camping trips we have already done, the knee surgery (man, I don’t think Andy or I want to deal with that level of immobility again anytime soon), as well as everything else we are feeling totally cashed out. He got a call tonight for an OT 12 hour shift tomorrow and as much as we try to take those, we turned it down. We need a day of calm, of rest, to readjust.

Hey, now our food just got delivered! Sue and I had a chat about how I come to the computer and type very stream of consciousness and a very long blog post I recently typed was eaten and not saved. She pointed out that I don’t really need any sort of wrapping up and perhaps it would be better to post something about our lives, even if it didn’t end very neatly? Going to do that now. I did manage to post a lot of photos to Flickr before this so those are up. I will try to post again in the next few days. There’s so much to tell.

Good night, everyone!


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