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4 Aug

I just noticed that the pictures I thought I uploaded last night didn’t actually go through. For some reason, two videos did but that was it. The rest are uploading now. Today was a slower pace although it was mostly comprised of cleaning and Andy had to take Eli to a birthday party (oh, how I love the age of drop off birthday parties, let me tell you). The house is still a total wreck but I’m managing to gift the last of the stuff we wanted gone in the garage sale and have several scheduled pick ups for tonight so hopefully soon we will be able to rearrange the garage and rest of the house in some kind of order since we have cleaned out a lot of things.

Today, Ben was kind of cranky. He doesn’t usually get cranky so I think most of it was just fatigue from all of the activity we’ve had recently. He took a solid nap while Eli went to his birthday party and I’ve declared it “Chill Out Day” the rest of the day so there was a lot of playing with his birthday presents (which included a small indoor tetherball set which has been a lot of fun) and once Eli got back, they got a movie night so they can just kick back. I think Eli is pretty tired as well although he won’t admit it. He’s been unusually clumsy today and has managed to both fall off the edge of the tub and bash his knee pretty good and then not an hour later bend down to pick up something in the bathroom and smack his head into the sharp corner of the cabinet, causing BOTH a sizable lump and a small cut. He was so wrecked about both incidents I can’t help but think he’s exhausted. We are going to be taking it very easy this week.

Ben decided today that he didn’t want to wear diapers anymore so we’ve been flying with that. We’ve been terrible about putting him on the potty with any regularity but he can usually pee on command when he’s on there and has been like that for about six months. Today, he decided he only wanted to wear underwear so we said okay but have been setting alarms on our phone so we can plunk him on there every 45 minutes. So far, he hasn’t pooped. I figured that when I put him down for a nap (in a diaper) he would poop but nothing doing. He has no qualms about peeing in the toilet but has never pooped. We figure we will do this for a week or two then just cut out the diapers (except for sleep) altogether. No need to drag it out and might as well take advantage of his desire to wear underwear. Eli has about 30 pair of underwear so we’ve been using some of his older ones and I should probably buy a pack or two for Ben since Eli’s are mostly old and stretched out.

Wrote this 10 days ago! Publishing now and I’ll start a new update. This updating thing is hard…Also, I had written a long post the night before this one and it got eaten. Will persevere.


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