Maybe he’s actually ready for it?

4 Sep

So far, Ben’s potty training has been very anticlimactic. He and I talked about it several days beforehand and he was excited about it. The first day went bizarrely well. He had one accident and I hesitate to even call it that–it was a few pee drops, enough to make him feel wet and tell me that he needed new underwear but in all (kind of gross) honesty, I had to squeeze his underwear pretty hard to feel what he was talking about when he said he had gone. That was day one. Day two, I was a bit too relaxed about the pee clock (during potty training, we set the phone timer for 45 minutes and every time the timer goes off, on the potty they go) and he ended up pooping in his diaper around 10:30 AM.

I feel like that was sort of a misunderstanding on his part because once he went he came up to me and told me the poop needed to go in the potty and it was only when I had him by the toilet did I realize he had already gone. He and I had a short talk about his underwear was not the middle man and it needs to go straight in. He was very earnest about it “Oh, so I need to poop in the potty, not my underwear?” and then I felt like he understood. The rest of the day went well with him being okay with most of the timed potty sittings (although he did complain about a few, insisting he didn’t have to go but he managed to squeeze something out) but mostly okay with the idea in general. Last night, he hadn’t pooped (he’s usually a twice a day pooper, sorry if that’s TMI) and I asked him a few times “What’s your body telling you?” He kept saying his body was fine but then shortly before bedtime he started suggesting I put a diaper on him. He was shrugging and holding his hands up as if to say, “Why not?” and saying “I think maybe you can put a diaper on me?” in a very casual way. I reminded him that he only wears diapers to sleep and he insisted he wasn’t ready to go to bed. A few minutes later he says again with the shrug, “I think maybe you can put a diaper on me?” and I asked him if he needed to poop and he very shyly nodded yes.

I reminded him that he poops in the potty now (and he gets CANDY! for pooping on the potty) and that was what sold him on it. Twenty minutes and three potty sittings later, he pooped. He’s still a bit nervous about pooping on the potty but mostly has done okay with it and it’s one of those things that will get easier with time.

Today, he went to Small Faces as a potty trained kid! He did amazing! He didn’t have an accident all day except when Andy picked him up from school, apparently he peed. Andy likes to think he was just that excited. In any case, not too shabby, Ben! We will see if we can get a poop out of him before bedtime. My mom suggested that maybe he was just ready to train and that’s why it’s all going so easily but I can’t help but thinking this is like Binky 2.0 when he was all relaxed the first few days after then once he realized Those Days are over, he rebelled. I sure hope it’s this easy.

I have a learning story from Small Faces for Ben to post and I scanned the pages in but I am having the hardest time trying to figure out how to post the pages in a way that’s readable. The pictures are really great. I’ll be working on that tonight but wanted to publish this now.

*sigh* I thought about this for a minute. I scanned the pages in but I can’t immediately figure out how to post them to this website. I could spend the next hour trying to figure it out and maybe still not get it then I’d have to stop because of bedtimes and whatnot and nothing would get posted. OR I could just let you know that I’ll email the grandmothers with the scanned images and if you have problems viewing them, let me know. If anybody else wants to look at them, let me know and I’ll send them along. It’s an adorable story about Ben’s learning process in making a kite on his own at school.

It reminds me of the chat I had with Sue about trying to make things perfect vs. getting things up so people can see them and in this instance I’m voting for getting things up 🙂 So out it goes 🙂


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