The grown up kids

2 Nov

I’m starting to realize that although my boys are small, I’m parenting Big Kids as opposed to little ones. The potty training with Ben continued on as it did in my last post and now we are a few months in with only the very rare accident and when it does occur, it’s again a few drops as opposed to a flood. To say he was ready for it seems like an understatement at this point. I feel like I cheated something since it was so easy but I’ll take it!

Eli has done fantastically in 1st grade. The social problems we had in kindergarten don’t seem to have followed into 1st. He is more challenged with school work which causes him to focus and he feels more in line with his peers. His school splits classrooms up for reading and math according to skills and he is in the advanced math/english classes–I don’t know if he realizes he is in the advanced curriculum but it’s moving at a pace he enjoys–he’s already starting to learn multiplication tables and loves being quizzed about them. We are at a weird place with his reading in that he can read at about a 5th grade level but the content isn’t always that appropriate for him so finding things that hold his interest but also don’t scare him (he can read Harry Potter books, for example, but the story lines about his parents dying worried him terribly) is a challenge. Mostly these days I talk to him about mainly reading for fun, not a challenge, and he seems happy with that. I look up suggested reading lists for third graders and put those books on hold at the library and we go every week. The library workers know us now, they say hello to me and the boys, we are familiar to them. This sort of thing reminds me of my dad because we went to the library with him and I like that in a sense, I get to do this with the kids (although mine don’t have the huge downtown library to play hide and seek in).

Ben is starting to really get into reading. He doesn’t like reading books so much as he wants to know the structure. I put a few phonics apps on my phone and he is gobbling them up. I think for him it’s more of a “I can do what you can do!” versus he just loves reading. He now knows that reading is a skill you can learn and he doesn’t want to be left out. He’s frequently asking me to spell things, sound out letters, and asking to work on the phonics stuff. He is also starting to get into the stories more which is great. It’s so funny to see how the boys progress in different (yet similar) ways.

Ah, I wrote this two weeks ago and in addition to not finishing it, never published it! Right now it’s almost noon on Monday and I have a ton of admin Cub Scout work to do and I have to be at work at 3. Will try to update this week, Eli had a fantastic birthday!


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