Christmas bells, Batman smells…

6 Dec

Robin laid an egg!

That’s how most Christmas carols go around these parts. Things continue along well here. The fast update–I am now Mature and I have reader glasses although I have scheduled an eye appt since the readers I got seem very inconsistent–they work well for books, screens are hit or miss, sometimes far off things are still hard to focus on, and my eyes seem to get tired pretty easily these days. I haven’t been running or doing much of anything lately although I have committed to a marathon (!) at the start of June so starting this week I’ve put myself on a schedule. I plan to alternate the running with a lot of lifting since I find that works better for me in the physical sense–less sore, less achy joints, etc.

Eli is doing great. I had a parent-teacher conference and it went well. She has still had some behavioral issues with him but they are things we can work on. The issue with Eli is that he prefers to read over anything else and we (and she) have had problems with him hiding books that he then sneaks out when he’s bored.  “Eli, put that book down right now!” is not an uncommon thing heard around here. She (and we) have had to sweep his area when he needs to complete something to make sure he hasn’t hidden books places that he can then whip out for a good bit of distraction.

She would like to have him tested for Advanced Learning/Highly Capable as soon as we can. Since I missed the window on it this year, the earliest we could do it is at the start of next year then if he tests into it (and he decides he wants to do it), he would start at the beginning of 3rd grade. She said that she feels his behavioral stuff is just that–it’s behavioral and he’s doing what he would prefer to do, not that the work isn’t challenging–and that he is completely able to focus and behave when he chooses. That’s a relief. They have put him in the more advanced groups within his own classroom so he gets more challenging homework in reading and math than most of the kids. He both preens at this and also rebels against it–he gets that since he is better at it, he gets harder and more homework (but really, he finishes it in about 30 minutes when I make him do it all at once and it’s given with a week to complete it so it’s not like it’s a lot) but he also sometimes feels put upon since he has to do “SO MUCH MORE” than some of the other kids. It mostly seems like token whining and I don’t really feed into it and he doesn’t really complain all that much.

Ben is hitting the threes with gusto. The last two months have been all spectacular meltdowns and unbridled joy. The slightest thing can send him over the edge into full-on-stereotypical-toddler-lying-in-the-aisle face-down with his legs and arms spread out screaming mode. Since Eli had only a few bits of this and I’ve lived through Three before, it’s hard to get too ruffled by it but rather I can see how fueled Ben is by everything. He is quick to anger, quick to make up, and so energetic that he gets over most slights pretty quickly. There were several times today that he was throwing a fit about X when Eli would look at me with the most bewildered look and say “I think Ben’s having a really hard time right now, do you think he needs a hug?” at which point I felt like Mom of the Year but then Ben would scream “NO!” and stomp to the room and slam his door as hard as he could. After a short period, he’d let us come in and give us hugs (“But we really need hugs, Ben, do you think you could give us a hug?”) and everything would be okay. He’s a passionate kid. He’s not as moody as Eli was in general but every once in a while Ben really brings it. Overall, he’s a very even tempered child but today was just one of those days. Eli and I have had a lot of chats about how frustrating it must be to have all these really big feelings without the vocabulary/ability to communicate it, so we have to be extra patient right now.

Ben is learning by leaps and bounds–he’s solidly into letting us read to him and I wouldn’t go so far as to say he enjoys books yet but he is definitely into the whole reading thing. Quite often when he is sitting at the table “drawing” he’s working on making his letters. He’s already able to write several letters from the alphabet, much to our surprise. He’s really into a few phonics apps I had leftover on my phone from when Eli was this age and he’s quite good at making the sounds for letters. I don’t know that he will read as early as Eli since his desire for books isn’t what his was but it’s certainly not for lack of ability.

Well, it’s almost 9 and I have to go to bed soon. I also have to think of what to do with this darn Elf for the night. The good thing is that we’ve never really gotten the kids into this idea of “THE ELF IS WATCHING YOU” which I feel is creepy, really, and kind of missing the whole spirit of the thing. However, they do enjoy waking up and finding out where he’s gotten to over the night so I have to go find some place to put him.  Good night, all!








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