Of Sniffles and fevers…

12 Dec

This post is mostly one of those “so I can remember it later” ones. Last night, Eli went on a sleepover to his friend Jaia’s house. It was the first sleepover for him that wasn’t at a close friend of ours and needless to say, he was pretty excited. Jaia’s mom met him and Jaia after school and walked them both home, very big boy stuff. They had a great time playing minecraft, watching the Christmas ships from Jaia’s back patio, and generally being 7 year olds.

Ben stayed home with Andy and me. Once Ben heard Eli was going on a sleep over, he was pretty bummed he couldn’t go. It occurred to me that if the situation was reversed, Eli would be pretty excited as he usually is when it’s just him and one of us–he always calls it “like the old times”. I don’t think this is any reflection on his love for Ben but rather Eli can still kind of recall when he was King of the Mountain and sometimes it’s nice to still feel like that. Andy and I tried to get Ben excited about it–“Whatever you want for dinner! Whatever you want to do!” but man, the kid just chose to watch a show (and he picked Eli’s favorite, not his) and he wanted to eat a dinner that was Eli’s favorite, again not his. We did manage to talk him out of that and he asked for cheese pizza (he likes it but if Eli’s around, Ben usually chooses pepperoni, Eli chooses cheese) and Ben chose a movie that he hadn’t seen yet. It was sad in that Eli can remember a time without Ben but for Ben, it basically boils down to feeling like something is missing if Eli isn’t here. His favorite person is gone and there’s not a lot you can do about that.

He went to bed a little later than normal but didn’t seem that comfortable. I chalked it up to Eli not being in the room and told Ben if he felt bad, he could come sleep with us. He went to sleep without a peep which surprised me. About 1 AM I woke up because I felt like I was on fire and lo and behold, Ben was sandwiched in bed between Andy and me. Andy’s a hot sleeper so I figured Ben was as well. I also thought he just didn’t like sleeping in a room alone so I didn’t wake him. About an hour later, Ben was very restless and still REALLY HOT and as I was shifting around to check on him, Andy woke up. Andy felt him and got the thermometer and poor kid was running 102.5. We gave him some Motrin and although Andy fell asleep pretty quickly after that, Ben was uncomfortable enough that he kept sitting up in bed although he insisted he felt fine. He eventually settled down on me (pretty much lying flat on me) and although I thought he’d settle back down on the mattress, kid fell asleep hard straight on top of me.

Parenting is always a mixture of feelings, right? I was both comforted that HE was comforted enough by me that he fell asleep so soundly on top of me but man, he was uncomfortable. Also about 45 minutes into it his fever broke and he was a SWEAT BOMB. At that point, he and I were both soaked but I didn’t want to wake him up but I was getting cold from being wet. He still felt hot although I could tell the fever broke. About 1.5 hours into it I finally managed to roll him off to my side which left me about 2 inches of bed space and on top of that, I was freezing from now being soaked and all of those wet clothes hitting the cold air. Fun times!  Every time I moved, he’d get restless again so I just pretty much made myself as comfortable as I could and decided to stick it out. At that point, it was almost 4 AM so I figured I didn’t have too much longer to go. I played on my phone until about 6:30 then managed to fall asleep until 8:15.

Today, he has again mostly felt fine. He had no fever this morning (likely the motrin still working) then after his nap it has been slowly creeping back up. He ate one cereal bar around noon and had two cups of apple juice but other than that, just water. He has a runny nose. He says he feels FINE, stop asking. At dinner time, he demanded only TWO tater tots. When I put 8 on his plate, he ate 5 then freaked out because he only said two, then insisted I take the spare tot off the plate. Then he tried to put his legs on Eli as Eli was sitting on the floor. Eli did not want this and said so and Ben lost his mind because he should get to just drape his legs over anyone. At that point, I took his temperature again because he was getting that puffy face look and he’s back up to 102.5. Normally, we are fans of letting them run fevers but since his sleep was so poor last night, I just gave him some Motrin in hopes that he will get some solid sleep tonight.

Really, the only signs he’s given of not feeling well seem to consist of no appetite and that he won’t let me out of his sight for a second. A few times I tried to escape to the bathroom and he insisted on sitting in there with me. He’s a cuddly kid but usually not overly so and as much as I hate him being sick (even if he feels fine as he says), it’s hard not to appreciate the extra attention.

Andy’s been hard at work on our lazy Christmas decorations (at this point, I think it would have been easier just to hang the dang outside lights but this method involves him getting to use his power tools so he’s more into it) and I’ll post pictures once he’s done. Tomorrow is another lazy day at the house before the next two weeks of Christmas madness, all school assemblies and Christmas parties and crazy work schedules, so I’m going to take Ben’s “I FEEL FINE” illness as a good excuse to settle down with a bunch of TV (tonight was Charlie Brown’s Christmas and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas) and snuggling with my totally not-sick kids.




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